Benefits of a Variable Speed Compressor

Find out how your production can benefit from a variable speed compressor

An air compressor is available as a fixed speed type of compressor or variable speed type of compressor. There are many benefits to your production from running a variable speed drive compressor. We discuss the benefits of variable speed technology and the options we offer to ensure your compressor needs are met.


Precise Mechanical Control

The variable speed compressor enables you to have precise mechanical control. The motor speed can be revved up, slowed down or stopped. Less power is required by the motor at the start-up of the compressor. For a smoother start-up process, the variable speed compressor begins from zero and will gradually increase to higher speeds.

Energy Efficiency

When variable speed technology is applied correctly in the proper application, it results in energy savings and reduced power costs. Variable frequency drive compressors deliver air as needed to reduce energy consumption. This technology also reduces the maintenance cost which is usually accrued over time making ease of maintenance.

Increased Lifetime of Components

A variable speed compressor can start/stop under full system pressure, resulting in savings of energy and time. Smooth start/stop also protects the compressor from damage to bearings  and increase reliability that in turn lowers the chance of end products being ruined due to sudden disruptions to the machine’s operations. Less stress on the rotating parts means an increased lifetime of the compressor components.

Total Solutions

When running at a lower RPM, the variable speed compressor is quieter than the fixed speed compressor. System leakages are minimised thanks to a lower system pressure. There are compact total solutions available which means less space and more savings for your compressed air system.

Even More Benefits

Other benefits of the variable speed compressor include:

·        Consistent discharge pressure

.        Avoid penalty on Maximum Demand Power Consumption

·        Fewer power line issues

·        Energy incentives

Variable Speed Compressors at Ceccato

We provide variable speed options for your business here at Ceccato. Speak to someone today about the benefits of a variable speed compressor on 1300 555 284 or email us here. We will find the best solution for your production based on your specific industrial needs.

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