FOD 5-938 oil-water separator

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Improved performance

The FOD 5-938 does much more than simply separating oil from the condensate. By using a dual-stage treatment with polypropylene and activated carbon or organoclay, it can even separate out stable emulsions. That means your waste water meets even the toughest purity standards.

Low maintenance

The FOD 5-938’s long service interval of 4,000 hours and low-maintenance design keep downtimes to a minimum.

Simple operation

Thanks to its easy-to-replace cartridges, servicing the FOD 5-938 is quicker and much less messy.

Take charge of your condensate treatment

The FOD 5-938 raises the bar of oil-water separation to give you more: cleaner waste water and much easier service. For more information about the next generation of oil-water separators, get in touch with Ceccato now!

A clean solution – The new oil-water separator from Ceccato

The new FOD 5-938 takes the hassle out of condensate treatment. Thanks to its innovative dual-stage filtration, it offers more complete oil separation and safe disposal. What is more, it is much easier to use and less messy to maintain than traditional oil-water separators.

Raising the bar of oil-water separation

  • Innovative and effective dual-stage filtration: First, polypropylene removes the free oil, then the activated carbon/organoclay separates stable emulsions. This more complete filtration ensures your waste water meets even the toughest purity standards and contributes to a clean production.

  • User-friendly cartridges: Condensate treatment using conventional oil-water separators can be an arduous and messy process. The easy-to-use cartridges of the FOD 5-938 make it much simpler and cleaner.