Air Treatment

Complete your compressed air system

With the aim to grant compressed air without any polluted substance in the ambient air, Ceccato’s line filters protect your compressed air and production system.

Complete your compressed air system: compressed air piping system, dryers, condense and oil-water separators and drainers, air receiver.



Immediate investment in a compressed air dryer extends the life of the compressed air system since it filters all contaminants and particulates from the ambient air. According to the technology applied to compress air, you can apply to two main dryers: adsorption dryers and refrigerant dryers.  

> Compressed air dryers, high-quality dried air



The condense can be made up of polluted substances and oil, that can damage the compressors and other production machines. These substances are separated by the air trough cyclonic condense separator and oil-water separators, and they can be discharged trough the drainers.

> Condense drainers, clean and green solutions



Ideal for those businesses that need pure air quality for the final product, line filters aim to provide air with less contamination and protect your production machines. It increases the production quality and avoids image damage to your company.

Line filters are accomplished with different accessories and vary among a wide air-flow range, to fit all air requirements.

> Line filters, high reliability in your air system



Ceccato’s air receivers are very flexible in their shape and application. Their vertical design allows freeing more space within your production building. Among all advantages coming from air stock, the conspicuous energy savings is the main one. Find out all the other advantages in the air receiver pages.

> Air receiver, always available compressed air



AIRnet is the piping system solution supplying compressed air to all production machines, supporting your production processes. The project is tailored to your compressed air needs and the innovative designs and materials aim to minimize losses.

> AIRnet, flexible, secure, zero leaks



Energy Box enhances your opportunities to save money and your sustainable footprint: this product recovers up to 80% of energy coming from compressed air production and, thus, you can use this energy for industrial processes, heating, and hot water productions.

> Energy Box, savings through heat recovery

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