Piston compressors for professionals

Adaptable for professional workflow

Ceccato has developed piston compressors’ lines to supply to all compressed air requirements from professionals. All these lines offer compressors adapt to random, sporadic or frequent usage. Besides, pistons compressors of EngineAir line are the best option for outdoors applications and/or to be used when there is no access to electric power. 

Wide range of compressors
for different applications,
thanks to the different mono- and bi-stadio pumps,
the pressure set up to 15 bar, and the different tank sizes.

Simple and ready for use,
these compressors rely on solid materials such as cast-iron cylinders and steel protections

Resistant and reliable even in the most intensive applications,
immediate cooling solutions and more difficult final applications.

Blueline Pro Ceccato

Solid and easy to use and carry, professional piston compressors are designed for maximum usage.

> Blueline Pro, quality, reliability and efficiency for professional application 
> Beltair Pro, solid and efficient choice for professionals. 
> EngineAir and Bi-engineAir, for usage without energy or power plugs 



Ceccato's range offers highly reliable compressors, which count screw compressors with variable speed, fixed speed, and permanent magnet motor, piston compressors, oil-free compressors and boosters.

You can boost your compressed air system with products for air treatment.


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Silent piston compressors

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Screw compressors

piston compressors
Oil-free compressors

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Selection guide


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