2.2 kW – 15 kW Screw Air Compressor

Perfect air compressor solutions for you

Ceccato offers a great range of screw air compressors ranging from 2.2 kW all the way up to 90 kW, that’s all the way from 3 hp up to 120 hp. So whatever you’re looking for Ceccato will have a compressor for you.


Ceccato screw compressor range

Ceccato offers a number of different air compressor technologies to choose from. Ceccato Technology options for 3 kW to 15 kW air compressors include belt driven, gear driven and direct drive options. Furthermore, Ceccato’s compresses are available in floor mounted options and tank mounted options, there is also dryer and filter options available.

Perfect air compressor solutions for you

With a comprehensive range, Ceccato’s 3 kW the 15 kW Screw air compressor can be delivered in an option to suit your business requirements. Ceccato’s screw air compressors comes with a host of ownership benefits, such as low noise levels easy operations and options for air-quality.

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Ceccato’s CSM screw air compresses is our belt driven option. The DRA is a direct drive range of screw compressors. On these pages you can explore the correct size and technology option for you and your business. If you’re looking for a screw compressor ranging from 2.2 kW through to 15 kW (3 hp to 20 hp screw Air compressors) look no further. If you need further assistance we got any questions you can contact us using the forms on this page. Or you can contact your local distributor or reseller of Ceccato compressors.