Air compressors controllers

More control to better manage your compressors

Ceccato offers several solutions to optimise and manage your compressors and your compressed air production system.


AirCare: CSM compressor’s control at fingertip

AirCare is a free app for smartphones and tablets, useful to control and monitor your CMS compressors performance and functionality remotely.

> AirCare, control at your fingertip


ICONS: smart technology to monitor your system

ICONS (Intelligent CONnectivity System) supports you in managing your compressor: it collects data regarding the compressed air system’s functionality, and it notifies you about any disruptions or breakdowns. You can control all the information from your PC, smartphone and tablet at any moment.

> ICONS, control, optimisation and savings


ECOntrol6: optimisation and automation your compressors’ room

ECOntrol6 is a controller to optimise and automate your compressor room, up to 6 compressors at the same time. ECOntrol6 is designed to save money: it reduces energy consumption, balances working hours, extends the product’s life cycle, and increases savings on maintenance.

> ECOntrol6, smart optimisation


Gateway: amplify your automation system with the compressor room

Gateway module allows you to integrate your compressor room with the automation system used in your company (Industry 4.0) by connecting your compressors on network CAN to a Modbus RTY protocol (RS485) or Profibus DP.

> Gateway, amplify your automation

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