Compressed air for the construction industry

Within the construction industry, compressed air is used to fuel pneumatic tools and grant the final product’s quality and several advantages. For instance, tools fueled with compressed air are more lightweight and silent than electric ones. They can be fueled by the same compressor, making the accessories change more versatile and easier.

Ceccato Aria Compressa offers an entire range of compressors fueled by oil or diesel as well as several lubricated and oil-free piston electro-compressors, ideal for the construction industry. Their big wheels and compact sizes make them easy to carry around, while mobile engine-driven compressors can be used everywhere without needing an electric plug. The EngineAir family offers models which produce both compressed air and electric power (monophase and triphase), and it perfectly suits any need within the construction site. 

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Selection guide: choose the right compressor for you!

Selection guide

Choosing the right compressor for your production system is fundamental. At Ceccato, we developed a simple guide where you find out more about all the advantages of using compressed air.

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Established over 80 years ago, Ceccato is one of the most reliable compressed air brands. Ceccato is a pioneer in screw compressors, investing in innovation, with the aim to offer the newest technology within the compressors industry.

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