DRA 10-20 hp (IVR) rotary screw air compressor

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Energy efficiency for reduced costs

Up to 35% of energy savings and an average cut of 25% in the compressor lifecycle cost thanks to the IVR technology, combined with the direct driven transmission design. Optimal efficiency, lubrication and cooling and long service intervals

Simple installation

This compact “all in one” system, with than one square meter footprint features a very low noise level so can be installed close to the air usage point Easy and fully protected transport. (wooden crate optional on request). No special foundation needed

Easy and fast access for service

All service components are located at the front of the machine for excellent accessibility. Oil-level eye at the front

Solid quality for a prolonged lifetime

Quality components guarantee solid performance and reliable efficiency. High capacity oil/air coolers, perfect air filtration and cooling for a quality air guarantee less thermal shocks and a longer lifetime. High quality and heavy duty motor