Beltair Pro Ceccato

Beltair Pro

Solid and efficient choice for professionals

Flexible availability,
with a different solution for all needs

Adapt to complex production systems,
and with an exercise pressure over 11 bar

Equipped with a cast iron cylinder,
with a steel anti-hardship repair

Designed specifically for professional applications, Ceccato’s Beltair Pro compressors are available in different versions to meet all our customer needs. Beltair Pro has specific characteristics and components which make it a solid and efficient choice for professionals. Beltair Pro range is equipped with cast iron cylinders, ON/OFF pressure switch regulation, an intermediate cooling system and, in the single-stage version, components that reduce the excessive noise levels.

The Beltair Pro range comes in a variety of configurations to meet your needs:

  • Beltair Pro carriage version, bi-cylindric single-stage (2 and 3 HP) and bi-stage (4 and 5.5, HP) compressor, with a handle to help its manoeuvrability 
  • Beltair Pro fixed version, with protective steel valve and a silent inlet filter
  • Beltair V and VH Pro, with a vertical tank to solve the space issue
  • Beltair H Pro, for applications where the pressure goes over 11 bar or in complex systems with a high-pressure fall between the compressor and the point of use

Technical details

Beltair Pro carriage version

Beltair Pro fixed version

Beltair Pro V

Beltair Pro H

Beltair Pro VH

Motor power 1.5 - 4 kW
2 - 5.5 HP
3 - 7.5 kW
4 - 10 HP
3 - 5.5 kW
4 - 7.5 HP
4 kW
5.5 HP
3 - 7.5 kW
4 - 10 HP
Pressure 10 - 11 bar 11 bar 15 bar
Intaked air 255 - 653 l/min 553 - 1130 l/min 514 - 950 l/min 552 l/min 396 - 941 l/min
Size (LxWxH) smallest 805x355x630
bigger 1490x610x1315
smallest 1670x555x1040
biggest 1940x600x1375
smallest 400x1100x850
biggest 940x600x1985
835x600x1950 smallest 1640x500x995
biggest 1940x600x1975
Weight 43 Kg / 127 Kg 135 Kg / 235 Kg 135 Kg / 227 Kg 180 Kg 170 Kg / 265 Kg
Tank 27 l - 270 l 270 l - 500 l 270 l 300 l - 500 l
Mobility  Equipped with wheels Fixed Fixed and with vertical tank With vertical tank Fixed


Gear Transmission: B
Equipped with wheels: C
Fixed: F
Direct transmission: D
Mono-phase: M
Portable: P
Professional: PRO
Two 11 liter tanks each compressor: 2*11

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