Small Piston Compressor

Do-it-yourself air compressors

Discover our smaller piston compressor range—perfectly suited for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and small workshops. Compact and reliable, these compressors offer efficient performance and ease of use, empowering you to tackle projects with ease.

DIY compressors

If you prioritize reliability, even for non-professional use, our compact and portable compressors are an ideal choice. Easy to carry everywhere, they provide compressed air for multiple tools and work utensils for extended periods. This range of compressors features a pressor switch with ON/OFF and pressure reducer for full control of outlet pressure.

Blueline MZ Ceccato Image

Plug-and-play compressor, easy to use

thanks to the practical pressor switch

Ensured safety

the warmest parts are closed into a canopy

Reduced level of noise

thanks to well-balanced pump and reduced vibration level

The Blueline are available with both belt transmission, equipped with a plastic guard, and direct one and an optimized cooling system. The Blueline MZ offers oil-free compressed air, which is air without any oil contamination.


Dive into Ceccato's Blueline compressors - where legacy meets modernity. Efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly air solutions tailored for you.
Blueline Ceccato

Blueline MZ

Experience Ceccato's Blueline MZ Series - a blend of heritage and technology, delivering oil-free compressed air solutions you can trust.
Blueline MZ - no background

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