Ceccato - DRF 340 HP

DRF 270 – 420 HP

The fixed speed at maximum power

The fixed speed at maximum power
with in-hause designed components

For large industrial production system
equipped with a compressor room

Power optimization
thanks to the energy recovery

DRF 270 - 420 HP - Fixed speed screw compressors

Designed for heavy industries in mind, fixed speed screw compressors DRF 270 – 420 HP combine a constant airflow with the highest power of the entire Ceccato’s range. The fixed speed DRF 270 – 420 HP guarantees excellent savings in terms of both energy and maintenance, thanks to its direct transmission technology and the energy recovery to recover excess heat produced by the machine.

These advanced compressors are designed to elevate reliability, boost efficiency, and ensure a long service life. With a range of power options and adaptable pressure settings, they are the perfect fit for heavy industries, waste management, automotive, textile, and paper factories. 

DRF 270 - 420 HP Fixed Speed Compressors’ feature in-house designed air ends, ensuring optimal reliability and durability. With gearbox technology for efficient power transmission, they are built to deliver dependable performance in demanding industrial environments. Equipped with an ES4000 ADVANCED controller, they offer precise control and visualization, making them a top choice for industries requiring high airflow rates.

Ceccato's commitment to service extends to easy maintenance, ensuring minimum downtime and optimal performance.

Ceccato's DRF 270 - 420 HP Compressors not only enhance productivity but also minimize operating costs. Trust in our technology for unparalleled reliability and performance.

Perfect for heavy industries, waste management, automotive, textile, and paper factories. Elevate your industrial performance with Ceccato's DRF 270 - 420 HP Compressors. Trust in technology that delivers reliability, efficiency, and savings.

  • Optimal Reliability: Our in-house designed air ends deliver unmatched reliability and durability, providing consistent performance even in demanding environments.
  • Efficiency Boost: Experience increased Free Air Delivery (FAD) and reduced energy consumption, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Gearbox Technology: The efficient power transmission of gearbox technology ensures high reliability and dependable operation

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Ceccato DRF 270-420 HP EN

Ceccato DRF 270-420 HP EN
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Technical details DRF 270 HP IVR DRF 271 HP IVR DRF 340 HP IVR DRF 341 HP IVR DRF 420 HP IVR
Motor power 200 kW / 270 HP 200 kW / 270 HP 250 kW / 340 HP 340 kW / 250 HP 315 kW / 420 HP
Pressure 7 - 8 - 10 - 13 bar 7 - 8 - 10 bar 7 - 8 - 10 - 13 bar 7 - 8 - 10 bar 7 - 8 - 10 bar
FAD* 34,260 l/min 80 dB(A) l/min 41,520 l/min 46,080 l/min 52,320 l/min
Noise 79 dB(A) 80 dB(A) 77 dB(A) 77 dB(A) 78 dB(A)
Configuration on Base on Base on Base on Base on Base
Controller ES4000 Advanced and ICONS ES4000 Advanced and ICONS ES4000 Advanced and ICONS ES4000 Advanced and ICONS ES4000 Advanced and ICONS

*FAD refers to 7 bar


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