How an oil-injected rotary screw compressor benefits productivity

An oil-injected rotary screw air compressor offers many advantages regarding productivity.

We've covered some of these in our overview on how a rotary screw compressor works .

This article dives a little deeper into the reasons behind what makes an oil-injected compressor a sound investment!

Air compressor innovation process

Cool operating temperature

One main reason for picking oil-injection is how it prevents overheating. When oil is inserted, it flows around the machine's motor to keep the engine cool. This mechanism helps reduce downtime, and doesn't overly heat up your working environment.

As with all Ceccato equipment, our oil-injected air compressors are built for optimal reliability.

Keep your rotary screw compressor running

Oil-injected air compressors come with a filter system to keep oil and air flow clean. In addition, they come equipped with temperature monitoring valves to properly direct oil. With everything in place, these machines can withstand long-lasting operations and generate high air pressure.

To enhance this durability, it's recommended to use OEM parts and Ceccato certified technicians.

Increase efficiency with a variable speed drive motor

If you're looking to reduce total cost of ownership, including energy expenses, Ceccato offers many options. One of which includes our variable speed drive compressors, which give you energy savings of up to 35%. 

Ceccato offers both direct drive and gear driven VSD compressors, both ensuring slip-free and reliable VSD operation. Their mechanical and electrical parts come with a high IP rating for reliable operation in tough conditions

For advanced maintenance, there's also optional on board equipment, including our Econtrol 6i multiple compressor control and ICONS real time status monitoring. 

Choosing the right oil-injected solution

In addition to our VSD systems, Ceccato has other options. Our oil-injected air compressors are engineered for many applications. With online resources, including this article, we hope you'll feel confident in finding the right equipment.

With various sizes, monitoring tools, and motors, we've got a rotary screw solution for you.

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