Reduce rotary screw compressor energy costs

Learn more about the energy costs of rotary screw compressors.

As fuel and electricity prices remain unpredictable, now's the time to evaluate your air compressor energy usage. Since up to 80% of its total cost of ownership is absorbed by electricity, it's important to select the right air compressor for your industry. In addition, proper maintenance and monitoring tools help lower operational expenses.

In a previous article, we covered fixed speed and variable speed rotary screw compressors. It discusses how they differ regarding fluctuating demand and output, impacting energy consumption. If you're currently operating a fixed-speed compressor, you may find switching to a variable speed drive (VSD) model helps cut expenses.

Ceccato has other tips for energy cost savings. Below you'll find a few recommendations from smart factory integration to proper maintenance. You may also benefit from upgrading to the latest equipment with energy recovery and improved motor technology. Whatever you decide, we hope this guide points you in the right direction. 

Smart controllers and applications for energy cost reduction

One of the best ways to ensure your compressor energy costs remain as low as possible is with smart monitoring tools. With equipment like our ES4000T, ECOntrol6i, and ICONS, you'll tap into advanced controls and insight.

The ES4000T is our most sophisticated air compressor display, built directly into the machine. It provides warning indications and shutdown alarms to prevent downtime and help address maintenance concerns. In addition, you'll receive a visualization of running conditions.

If you're operating a multi-unit compressed air system, the ECOntrol6i supports up to 6 air compressors. Providing an easy-to-use monitoring device, it comes with scheduling and workload balance tools. The latter allows for demand distribution across machines, helping prevent downtime.

Regarding compressor energy efficiency, the ECOntrol6i optimizes equipment by reducing pressure band and unload time. This equalizing technology differs from the ES4000T since it supports multiple compressors. The ECOntrol6i connects to all your machines and displays useful data for maximum performance. 

There's also our ICONS remote monitoring tool which connects your compressor setup to the internet for easy data collection. With the information provided by ICONS, you can check performance, avoid downtime, and prevent air loss. The added benefit of ICONS is that it analyzes data and offers opportunities for optimization.


You can read more about this equipment in our article on monitoring tools. With smart factory integration, you'll receive relevant information to keep your business operating as efficient as possible.

Rotary screw compressor working principle

Maintaining your air compressor

In addition to monitoring with data and analytics, one of the best things you can do is perform regular maintenance. As suggested above, regularly monitoring your equipment helps reduce energy expenses.

One of the biggest ways to save on energy costs is to avoid compressed air leaks. If you've been notified of air loss, this can have a domino effect. Your compressor may be working harder than necessary and consume more energy. 

You'll also want to invest in OEM parts and receive service from certified technicians. Using aftermarket valves, pipes, filters, and oil can lead to problems if your parts aren't a perfect fit. Although they're cheaper upfront, air leakage from gaps can increase total cost of ownership.

Choosing the right air compressor model for energy efficiency

We covered the importance of choosing the right size air compressor for your industrial needs in a previuous article. It explores why choosing the right air pressure is important, and how it's wasteful to get a machine that's too big for your application. This topic is particularly relevant for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

If you're in the process of evaluating new equipment for your business, make sure to evaluate the needs of your applications properly. Even if you anticipate increased demands, you can always add bigger equipment later.

With technology like smart factory integration mentioned above, connecting your equipment at a later time for maximum energy efficiency is possible. One of the most wasteful things you can do is invest in an air compressor that's too big or small for your application.

Specifically, regarding rotary screw air compressors, they tend to offer more airflow than piston compressors and come in variable speed models. As pointed out in the introduction, a variable speed model offers many advantages. This sentiment is especially true if you're meeting the needs of various applications. 

Let us help you cut compressor energy costs

If you're uncertain on how to best cut energy costs with your current air compressor setup, let our country experts assist you. Ceccato's market specialists are aware of various government programs regarding rising fuel, gas, and energy prices.

While our machines are designed to last, we highly recommend a service plan. This investment keeps your air compressor running smooth. We know energy expenses and rising electricity prices are one of the biggest expenses cutting into profits. This is why we are here to help you maximize operations. Contact us today.