15 kW screw air compressor

20 hp Screw air compressor

Is your business relying on compressed air to get the job done? If so look no further. Ceccato’s 15 kW screw air compressor (20 hp screw compressor) Is just the machine for you. Available in both fixed speed and variable speed drive, our compresses will deliver the air you need when you require it.

Screw compressor to suit your needs

Drawing from our history dating back to 1938, Ceccato can bring you the screw air compressor that will suit your needs and business demands. From the more basic fix speed screw compressor, to an advanced fully controllable variable speed screw compressor with built in dryer. Ceccato has the 15 kW compressor (20 hp compressor) to fit your requirements.

Plug and play = easy installation

Ceccato’s DRA variable speed screw compressors are easy to install. They come with our compact and order one systems, with a receiver and built-in dryers as well earth pre-and post filters. All of our 15 kW screw compressors (20 hp screw compressors) are of solid quality, and made from outstanding first class components for reliability and durability.

Get your new 15 kW compressor today

Get your Ceccato 15 kW screw compressor today. Explore further by downloading the brochures below. Or get in touch with us to find your nearest reseller/distributor of Ceccato air compressor. With plenty of experience and a broad range of products there is a compressor to meet your requirements.