DRA 10-15 HP IVR - Ceccato cluster

DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR

Reliability for small air demand

Compact design to maximize space and efficiency

Low Noise
Enjoy quiter operation

Versatile Installation
Floor mount, integrated dryer, or tank-mounted variations

DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR

Ceccato's DRA 10 - 20 IVR compressors are engineered for efficiency and reliability. With high-capacity oil/air coolers and a solid transmission system, you can count on uninterrupted performance. Plus, easy maintenance and front-facing service components keep your operation running smoothly.

The DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR compressors feature a direct-driven design, combining power and efficiency. With very low noise levels, they ensure a quiet working environment. Featuring reliable transmissions and high-capacity oil/air coolers, maintenance is made easy with all service components located at the front for quick accessibility. This technology-driven solution ensures consistent performance for your compressed air needs.

Maintenance for the DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR compressors is designed to be hassle-free and cost-effective. To keep your operations running smoothly, our compressors are equipped with easily accessible service components located at the front, ensuring quick and efficient maintenance. You can count on prompt assistance and access to genuine spare parts whenever needed, minimizing downtime and maximizing the lifespan of your compressor. 

Upgrade your operations with Ceccato's DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR compressors, the pinnacle of reliability and efficiency in compressed air technology. These compressors not only offer substantial energy savings but also contribute to reducing overall operational costs, making them a wise and eco-friendly investment for your business.

The DRA 10 - 20 IVR compressors find their ideal applications in electronics, food & beverage, and agriculture, delivering reliable compressed air solutions tailored to these industries' unique demands. For further details, explore our dedicated application page.

  • Compact and All-in-One: Simplify installation with a space-saving design suitable for compressor rooms or near air usage points.
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation: Experience minimal disruption with very low noise levels.
  • Space-Efficient: Utilize less than one square meter of space while maintaining high performance.

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Ceccato DRA 10-20 HP leaflet EN

Ceccato DRA 10-20 HP leaflet EN
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Technical details DRB 20 IVR DRB 25 IVR DRB 29 IVR DRB 34 IVR
Motor power 15kW / 20 HP 18 kW / 25 HP 22 kW / 30 HP 26 kW/35 HP
Pressure 5.5 - 13 bar
FAD* 2,852 l/min 3,334 l/min 3,827 l/min 4,157 l/min
Noise 65 d(B) 70 dB(A) 71 dB(A) C72 dB(A)
Configuration on Base and on Tank
Controller ES4000 Standard
Optional controller ES4000 Advanced with integrated Econtrol6i 

*FAD refers to 7 bar


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