ADS 1-215 desiccant dryers

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Easy operation & installation

Fit in a minimum space and compatible with any compressor technology

First class air quality

Eliminate residual water from your air net for guaranteed clean and dry compressed air and higher final product quality

Energy & cost saving

Energy management solution available to minimize energy consumption and reduce potential downtime

Wide range & many available options

Integrated filtration solution (ADS 1-10), dew point sensor (ADS 15-215), electric timer control (ADS 110-215)

Decrease your energy consumption

Ceccato ADS adsorption dryers guarantee a stable dew point of -40°C. We can also offer a dew point control version where the Electronic Pressure Dew-point Control (CD) extends the drying phase of the dryer's cycle, which leads to a significant extension of the drying time & a reduction in purge air consumption.