ICONS Ceccato


Control, optimization and savings

Connect the compressor to the internet,
and monitor data on the working system

Information is always available
on pc, tablet and smartphone

Detect anomalies in advance,
for an immediate technical assistant


Smart Technology

ICONS (Intelligent CONnectivity System) is a smart system that connects the compressors to the internet and constantly monitors data about the status of the system, showing them on the pc, tablet and smartphone.

By analysing information on the compressor functionality, ICONS detects anomalies in advance to  ask for assistance before possible breakdowns happen and to avoid the expensive downtimes.

ICONS sends immediate notifications directly to all devices. You can focus on your daily activities, without thinking about the compressed air system: if  service is necessary, your trusted assistance centre will know it immediately. 

ICONS can be set up on all Ceccato compressors with Advanced, Swipe e Touch controllers and it is available with Standard controller following ICONS box installation.


ICONS one solution for each need

ICONS is available at different service levels, depending on your specific needs. ICONS licenses can be activated for a minimum of 12 months with automatic renewal. You can revoke or modify your ICONS assistance plan at any moment.

Real time updates

  • Immediate assistance services, since your assistance centre is notified in real-time
  • Verify the compressor’s status and all maintenance requirements, updating the data on a weekly basis
  • Control the active events (alarms and warnings) and historical events
Data monitoring
  • Monitor the functionality of your machine at each moment and receive suggestions to maximise your productivity
  • Receive notifications directly through email or SMS, providing the possibility to fix possible malfunctions before any machine stops.
  • Get statistics on the compressor’s status and recommendations to improve its productivity

Energy optimisation

  • Monitor your machine at each moment and receive suggestions to maximise your productivity
  • Get access to consumption analysis and optimise your savings
  • Performance indicators, benchmarks and trends supporting you in taking decisions on compressed air system



ICONS Clamp is the most immediate solution to monitor your compressors functionalities: once connected, ICONS Clamp is powered by the machine itself and no wires or batteries are needed.

Knowing how much energy the compressors consume, ICONS Clamp registers all working hours and the loaded/unloaded status. This data can be checked on the ICONS platform/system and let you verify the right functionality of the compressor and what is needed for maintenance. ICONS Clamp can be used with all compressor brands.

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