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Enhance your operational insight and control with our connected compressors and controller options. Improve efficiency and performance through better understanding of your system. Contact us to select the ideal controller option for your installation.

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Integrating advanced controller options with your compressors, such as ICONS and Econtrol6i, is essential for optimizing your compressed air system's performance and efficiency. These controllers offer enhanced management capabilities, allowing for precise control over your compressor operations. By enabling better monitoring and adjustments, these systems help in reducing energy consumption, minimizing downtime, and extending the lifespan of your equipment. The importance of having a connected compressor setup lies in the real-time insights and data analytics it provides, ensuring your operations are as efficient as possible.

ICONS and Econtrol6i stand at the forefront of compressor technology, offering intuitive interfaces and smart connectivity features. ICONS allows for remote monitoring, sending alerts and performance updates directly to your device, ensuring you're always informed about your system's status. Econtrol6i, on the other hand, provides sophisticated control over your compressor's parameters, optimizing its operation to match your specific needs. Together, these systems empower you to achieve unparalleled control and efficiency in your compressed air operations, making them indispensable tools for modern industrial environments.

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ICONS (Intelligent CONnectivity System) supports you in managing your compressor without a thought: it collects data regarding the compressed air system’s functionality and it notifies you about disruption or breakdowns. You can deeply control all information from your PC, smartphone and tablet in any moment.

ICONS, control, optimization and savings

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ECOntrol6 is a controller to optimize and automate your compressors’ room, which manage up to 6 compressors at the same time. ECOntrol6 is designed to save money: it reduces energetic consumption, balances the working hours, extends the product’s life-cycle and increases savings on maintenance.

ECOntrol6, smart optimization

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