CSL 3-20 HP - compact screw compressor range

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Cost efficiency

Up to 35% less energy consumption in comparison to piston technology.

Compact and complete solution

It features a mounted receiver and integrated dryer (optional) to offer a complete solution to decrease installation cost, improve quality air and address space needs.

Reliable, easy to install

A plug & play solution easy to install.

Low maintenance costs

Easy access to all service components, long maintenance intervals to further help you decrease your costs.

Ideal package for piston compressor user to access to oil injected screw compressors

More efficient than a piston but simple to install and to use, designed to work continuously, always installed on vessel with or without dryer, CSL allows you to get 100% performance, 24 hours a day from your equipment without fearing a single failure.

Techinical specifications  
Installed motor Power 2.2-15 kW / 3-20 HP
Working pressure 8-10-13 Bar
Capacity FAD 220 - 1631 l/min
Noise level  72-78 dB(A) 

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