AIRnet piping system Ceccato Image

AIRnet piping system

Flexible, secure, zero leaks

Savings on the entire system:
designed to minimise losses

Very quick installation process:  
executable by one person only

Maximum adaptability:
tubes can be connected with all other existing piping system


AIRnet is an easy and efficient piping system designed for applications in compressed air, vacuum and nitrogen. Its innovative design allows to take compressed air to the entire productive plan, minimizing pressure losses and increasing power efficiency. Made up of resistant material, with steel tubes and long-lasting anticorrosive connections, AIRnet reduces maintenance and installation costs. AIRnet is hence way faster to install than a conventional piping system and can be assembled by one operator only.

The wide variety of tubes and connections makes AIRnet compatible with any other piping system, granting a very high adaptability. Many components can be interchangeable and reused, and extending the system or varying its capacity are operation very easy to execute. 

AIRnet piping system Ceccato Image

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Ceccato AIRnet stainless

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