Silent Piston Compressors

Silent compressors for a quiet operation

Our silent piston compressors feature an optimized canopy design, effectively reducing noise levels. Available in a range from 2 HP to 10 HP, with options for base, dryer, and tank mounting. Perfect for those with limited working space.

Silent piston compressors

Our silent piston compressors boast an advanced canopy design meticulously engineered to minimize noise levels. Ranging from 2 HP to 10 HP, these compressors offer versatility with options for base, dryer, and tank mounting. Specifically tailored for environments with restricted working space, they ensure efficient operation without compromising performance.

Fonocompact Pro Ceccato Image

Integrated solution for quality compressed air,

available in compact version and with embodied dryer

High performances and power efficiency,

thanks to the new pumping element installed

Intuitive and easy to use,

equipped with a user-friendly control panel, a pressure gauge and counter

The high-efficiency compressors Fonolife and Fonocompact work even in harsh conditions, thanks to the internal cooling fan and internally manufactured components, maintaining the ideal temperature.


Ceccato’s Fonolife are silent piston compressors for indoor installations, blending efficiency with minimal noise. Perfect for diverse applications.
Ceccato - Fonolife

Fonocompact PRO

Introducing Fonocompact Pro by Ceccato - The silent, professional compressor. Perfect for indoor installations. Experience noiseless efficiency.
Fonocompact PRO - Ceccato

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