Fixed Speed Rotary Screw Compressor

Fixed speed screw compressor

Discover our range of fixed speed screw compressors—a steadfast solution for compressed air demands. Engineered for reliability and efficiency, these compressors ensure consistent performance, empowering your operations.

Fixed speed screw compressor

Fixed Speed Screw Compressors are engineered to deliver a consistent flow of compressed air, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations. Whether in manufacturing, automotive, or construction, these compressors offer reliable performance tailored to your specific needs. All components are produced internally, leveraging industry knowledge and expertise to provide a dependable and thoroughly tested solution.

The value of partnering with our network extends beyond the product itself. Our global network ensures access to support, genuine parts, and expert advice, establishing us as a trusted ally in your business journey.

Our fixed speed compressors can be customized with various options: controllers, Econtrol6i system for optimizing compressor room, ICONS connectivity system for remote compressor status monitoring, energy recovery, and highly efficient filters.

DRF 151-220 HP Ceccato image


They allow you to free up more space in the production plan


The screw allows a more silent execution, since the compressor can be installed at the point of usage

Easy to maintain

Internal components are easy to access in order to get an easier and quicker maintenance

CSM 3 - 10 HP

Maximize efficiency with Ceccato's Fixed Speed Screw Compressor CSM 3 - 10 HP. Proven reliability and energy efficiency at your service. Contact us today!
Ceccato - CSM 3 - 10 HP

CSM 7.5 – 20 HP

Boost productivity with Ceccato's CSM 7.5 – 20 HP Screw Compressor. Reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly air solutions for industry leaders. Contact us!
CSM 7.5-20 HP Ceccato Image

CSM 21 – 40 HP

Boost productivity with Ceccato CSM 21 - 40 HP Screw Compressors. High performance, energy savings, compact design. Contact us today!
CSM 25 HP - Ceccato - no background

CSA 7.5 – 20 HP

Elevate your workspace with Ceccato's CSA 7.5-20 HP compressors. Efficient, compact, and low maintenance. Adapt for professional works mainly. Explore now!
Ceccato - CSA 10 HP

CSD 75 – 100 HP

Elevate efficiency with CSD 75-100 HP compressors. Experience user-friendly operation, enhanced reliability, and exceptional efficiency. Simpler operations
Ceccato - CSD 100 HP

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DRB 20 - 35 HP

Explore Ceccato's DRB 20 – 35 HP compressors - the trusted choice for efficient, reliable compressed air solutions. Contact us today!
Ceccato - DRB 25 HP IVR

DRB 30 – 50 HP

Experience efficiency with Ceccato's DRB 30 - 50 HP oil-injected screw compressors. Compact, reliable, and easy to maintain, optimise your operations now. Get in touch today!
DRB 30-50 HP - no-background - Ceccato

DRM 40 - 60 HP

DRM 40 – 60 HP offers advanced reliability and efficiency for diverse applications. Unlock performance and minimize maintenance with this powerful solution.
DRM 50 HP - Ceccato

DRC 40 - 60 HP

Ceccato DRC 40-60 HP screw compressors: advanced reliability, energy efficiency, and easy control. Contact us today for tailored solutions. Contact us today!
DRC 40 HP - Ceccato

DRD 75 – 100 HP

Elevate your operations with Ceccato's DRD 75-100 HP Screw Compressors. Experience advanced performance, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.
DRD 100 HP Ceccato

DRE 100- 150 HP

Elevate your operations with Ceccato's DRE 100-150 HP: enjoy reliable, efficient, and silent performance while saving on maintenance and energy costs. Get in touch today!
Ceccato - DRE 150 HP

DRF 151 – 220 HP

Enhance industrial efficiency with Ceccato's DRF 151-220 HP Compressors. Unparalleled reliability and advanced monitoring.
DRF 150 - 220 HP Ceccato Image

DRF 270 – 420 HP

Enhance industrial operations with Ceccato's DRF 270 - 420 HP Fixed Speed Compressors. Reliable, efficient, and cost-saving technology you can trust.
Ceccato - DRF 340 HP

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