Applications for compressed air

Compressed air is a versatile tool used across all industrial and professional markets, enabling faster and more precise workflows and outcomes.

Depending on the application, you can choose between piston compressors or screw compressors available in variable speed, fixed speed, and permanent magnet options. We also offer both lubricated and oil-free air compressors to suit your specific needs.

Are you seeking high quality in your compressed air? Enhance your compressed air system with our dryers and line filters, expertly designed to remove condensate and other contaminants from the compressed air.

On this page, we discuss how compressed air is utilized in various applications. Here, you'll find a basic introduction to the different types of applications we can assist and support you with.

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Compressed air can be applied in thousands of types of businesses. Below, you can find the main industries where compressed air is crucial. Keeping energy efficiency and compressed air needs in mind, we have highlighted the most suitable type of compressor for each business. Explore below to find the perfect solution for your application.

Industrial Applications

Oil-free Compressors

Chemics & Pharma

Pharma and chemistry - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Oil-free Compressors

Electronics industry

Electronics - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Oil-free Compressors

Food and beverage

Equip your food & beverage operations with Ceccato's reliable, high-HP compressors for optimal efficiency and safety.
Food & beverage - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Fixed Speed

Heavy industry

Heavy industry - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Fixed Speed


Metallurgic - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Fixed Speed


Mining application - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Fixed Speed

Plastic industry

Plastic application - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Variable Speed

Paper industry

Original paper - Ceccato

Variable Speed

Textile industry

Original-texture Ceccato cluster

Fixed Speed

Waste management

Original waste management - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Professional Applications



Agriculture - Ceccato Cluster

Piston compressor


Automotive - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Piston compressor

Collision repair

Original - collision repair - Ceccato, Mauguière, agre, Geveke



Construction - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Oil-free Compressors

Medical and dental professionists

Medical and dental application - Ceccato

Piston compressor


Laundry - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

Silent compressors


Woodworking - Ceccato, Mauguière, Agre, Geveke

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Choosing a suitable compressor for your operation is fundamental. Therefore, we have developed a simple guide that explains all the advantages of using compressed air.

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Air treatment solutions

Dryers, filters, condense drainers: all you need for your clean air.

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Save energy power with iPM screw compressors

Ceccato Air Compressor Parts are essential for maintaining and improving the productivity and operational efficiency of your compressed air systems. These parts are meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. Utilizing these parts in your compressor ensures it operates at optimum efficiency, reduces the risk of breakdowns, and maximizes the lifespan of your equipment, making them a smart and cost-effective solution for your business.

Ceccato’s range of air compressor parts includes everything from filters to valves, all designed to ensure your compressor operates at its best. These parts are engineered to fit seamlessly with your Ceccato compressor, requiring minimal additional tools for installation. Choosing Ceccato’s parts means investing in the health and efficiency of your compressed air system, backed by the reliability and expertise of a leading brand in compressed air industry.

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