MAV 252 - Mauguière

MAV 252 - 392

Cost-Effective Performance: Best Value for Growing Businesses

High-efficiency cylinder head for pure air output.

Slow speed of rotation for enhanced durability.

Efficient oil recovery and retention system.

MAV 252 - 392 - Cost-Effective Performance: Best Value for Growing Businesses

Meticulously crafted for intensive use, MAV 252 – 392 compressors ensure reliability, robustness, and adaptability tailored to the demands of the modern industry.

The MAV 252 – 392 series provide with quality, trustworthiness, and sustainability. Leveraging advanced technology, this series offers optimal air quality, durability, and efficient oil management, making it an indispensable asset for high-demand environments.

Built on the bedrock of Mauguière's advanced piston technology, the MAV 252 – 392 combines innovation with efficiency. Every component, from the cylinder head to the oil management system, has been crafted to the highest standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

We're not just about selling compressors; we're about ensuring they run smoothly. With a global network of authorized service centers, you're guaranteed prompt assistance, genuine spare parts, and regular maintenance services, ensuring your MAV 252 – 392 operates at peak efficiency.

Crafted with precision, the MAV 252 – 392 series is designed to offer you substantial savings. Its state-of-the-art design ensures low operational costs, reduced energy consumption, and minimal maintenance expenses, directly contributing to your bottom line.

Choose MAV 252 – 392 and witness substantial savings. Designed for efficiency, this series ensures reduced energy consumption, fewer maintenance costs, and extended equipment lifespan, giving you more value for every kilowatt.

Ideal for intensive industrial applications, the MAV 252 – 392 seamlessly integrates into manufacturing units, specialized workshops, and industries demanding consistent and high-quality compressed air.

  • Optimal Air Quality: Equipped with a high-efficiency W-type cylinder head, ensuring pure air output.
  • Built to Last: Slow speed of rotation enhances the compressor's durability and lifespan.
  • Oil Efficiency: The oil recovery and retention system precisely manages the oil level in the sump.

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MAV 252 - 392 - Mauguière

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Technical details MAV 252 MAV 292 MAV 392
Motor power 18,5 kW / 25 CH 22 kW / 30 CH 30 kW / 40 CH
Pressure 8 - 10 - 13 bar
FAD* 3126 l/min 3720 l/min 4332 l/min
Noise 69 dB(A) 70 dB(A) 71 dB(A)
Configuration On Tank and on Base
Controller ES4000 Connect

*FAD refers to 8 bar


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