MAV 81-181 - Mauguière

MAV 81 - 181

Compact Power: Perfect for Limited Space Workshops

All-in-One Design:
Offers unmatched compactness for space optimization.

Flexible Mounting Options: From chassis to tank mounting, with or without dryer and filter.

Low Noise Operations: Ensuring a peaceful workspace.

MAV 81 -181 - Perfect for Limited Space Workshops

Built for consistent performance, the MAV 81 – 181 series offers compactness with versatile mounting options, including chassis-mounted or with an air tank, and optional dryer and filter.

Crafted with precision, the MAV 81 – 181 series ensures your operations run smoothly, powered by its robust design and premium components. Its versatility in mounting options, from chassis-mounted to tank mounted with integrated dryers and filters, ensures it fits seamlessly into your workspace.

Mauguière's MAV 81 – 181 series is a testament to our dedication to technological advancements. Each unit is crafted to perfection, ensuring durability, efficiency, and above all, reliability. With its belt drive mechanism and intuitive design, it stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of compressed air solutions.

We understand the importance of continual operations. That's why, beyond providing top-notch compressors, Mauguière ensures you have access to comprehensive support services. From installation to maintenance, our global network of authorized service centers guarantees prompt assistance, ensuring your MAV 81 – 181 always operates at its peak.

With MAV 81 – 181, experience efficiency that doesn't just ensure seamless operations but also promises savings. Its design prioritizes energy conservation, ensuring you benefit from reduced operational costs without compromising on performance.

The MAV 81 – 181 series isn't just a product; it's a promise of savings. Its energy-efficient design ensures reduced electricity consumption, translating to tangible savings on your bills. Coupled with its longevity and reduced maintenance needs, it's an investment that promises returns.

Suitable for a myriad of applications, the MAV 81 – 181 series is the perfect fit for industries ranging from manufacturing to automotive, construction, and more.

  • Compact design maximizes space with its all-in-one feature, requiring less than a square meter.
  • Foundation-free installation offers easy setup, eliminating the need for specialized foundations.
  • Quiet operations with its low noise level, ensuring a peaceful working environment backed by minimal vibrations.

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MAV 81 - 181 - Mauguière

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Technical details MAV 81 MAV 91 MAV 141 MAV 181
Motor power 5,5 kW / 7,5 CH 7,5 kW / 10 CH 11 kW / 15 CH 15 kW / 20 CH
Pressure 7,5 - 9 bar 7,5 - 9,5 - 12,5 bar
FAD* 14,1 l/s 19 l/s 27 l/s 31 l/s
Noise 64 dB(A) 65 dB(A) 69 dB(A)
Configuration On Tank and on Base
Controller ES4000 Connect

*FAD refers to 7.5 bar


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