MAV 30 - 90 - Mauguière

MAV 30 - 90

Perfect for Small Businesses: Hassle-Free Setup & Simple Operation

User-friendly Controller:
Ensuring ease of operations.

Easy Maintenance:
Removable panels enable hassle-free servicing.

Space-efficient Design:
Fully integrated structure to optimize your floor space.

MAV 30 - 90 - Perfect for Small Businesses

Dive into the realm of world-class engineering with Mauguière's MAV 30 – 90 series. As a reflection of our commitment to precision and performance, this range promises to redefine your experience with compressors, ensuring unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Our rich heritage in delivering simple, reliable products finds its epitome in the MAV 30 – 90 series. Incorporating advanced technology, these compressors are a testament to Mauguière's ethos of sustainability and excellence. Our commitment to energy efficiency ensures that while you drive your business forward, you also contribute to a greener planet.

At the heart of MAV 30 – 90 lies our commitment to innovation. From its intuitive controller to its automated screw air end manufacturing line, every aspect of MAV is a testament to our dedication to providing you with the very best in compressed air technology.

With Mauguière, you're never alone. Our extensive network of service centers and technicians ensures that your MAV compressor receives timely maintenance and genuine spare parts, ensuring its longevity and your peace of mind.

Each MAV compressor is an investment that promises returns. With its energy-efficient design and unmatched performance, you'll witness a tangible reduction in operational costs, amplifying your savings.

The MAV 30 - 90 series is meticulously designed to cater to the nuanced needs of craftsmen, body shops, and small industries. Its precision and reliability make it an indispensable tool for artisans who demand consistent air supply for detailed work.

For body shops, its efficient air delivery ensures flawless paint applications and automotive repairs. Small industries find in the MAV series a partner that enhances their operational efficiency, ensuring that they meet their production targets with ease. 

  • Silent Workflow: With MAV series noise levels starting at 61 dB(A), enjoy a quieter operational environment.
  • Optimized Air Delivery: Delivering up to 1062 l/min, MAV guarantees to meet your industrial demands.
  • Flexible Setup: Whether you prefer it base-mounted or tank-mounted, MAV fits right into your workspace.

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Technical details MAV 30 MAV 40 MAV 50 MAV 70 MAV 90
Motor power 2,2 kw / 3 HP 3 kw / 4 HP 4 kw / 5,5 HP 5,5 kw / 7,5 HP 7,5 kw / 10 HP
Pressure 7,5 - 9 bar
FAD* 366 l/min 474 l/min 600 l/min 888 l/min 1.062 l/min
Noise 61 fB(A) 62 fB(A) 66 fB(A) 68 fB(A)
Configuration On Tank and on Base
Controller ES4000 Connect

*FAD refers to 7.5 bar


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