MAVD V 421 - 621 - Mauguière

MAVD V 421 - 621

Precision Control for Optimized Workflow

Optimal Performance:
Adapt to any load without compromising efficiency.

Efficient Energy Consumption:
Operate at peak efficiency and save on energy costs.

Integrated Control System:
Seamless operation with consistent pressure.

MAVD V 421 - 621 - Precision Control for Optimized Workflow

The MAVDV 421 - 621 variable speed screw compressors embody the pinnacle of innovation in air compression technology. Engineered for optimal performance and efficient energy consumption, these compressors adapt flawlessly to varying loads, ensuring peak efficiency and significant energy savings.

With an integrated control system for consistent pressure and a design that promises reduced wear and maintenance costs, the MAVDV 421 - 621 is the ideal choice for industries looking for reliability and cost-effectiveness in general manufacturing, automotive, and textiles sectors.

Equipped with the latest technology, the MAVDV 421 – 621 provides reliable performance. With an efficient energy consumption system and an integrated control system, expect a seamless operation tailored for the demands of modern industries.

Mauguière isn’t just about products; it’s about partnerships. Our national network ensures prompt assistance, genuine spare parts, and comprehensive support services, including maintenance and technical assistance.

By precisely adapting to air demand, the MAVDV 421 – 621 promises significant energy savings. Reduced wear and maintenance costs translate to long-term savings, making this model a cost-effective choice for businesses.

Perfect for industrial applications, especially in general manufacturing, automotive, and textiles.

  • Optimal performance regardless of load ensures energy savings at partial loads.
  • Efficient energy consumption leads to reduced wear and an extended lifespan for the compressor.
  • Integrated control system provides consistent pressure, avoiding fluctuations that can hinder performance.

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MAVD V 602-952 PM - Mauguière

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Technical details MAVDV 421 MAVDV 521 MAVDV 621
Motor power 40 ch / 30 kW 50 ch / 37 kW 60 ch / 45 kW
Pressure 4 - 10 bar
FAD* 24 l/s 30 l/s 31 l/s
Noise 71.5 dB(A) 73 dB(A) 74.5 dB(A)
Configuration On Base
Controller ES4000 Swipe
Optional controller ES4000 Touch

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