Center & South America Technical Training

This year during the whole month of May, an Advanced Screws and QAS Technical training took place in Center & South America. Three beautiful locations were selected for the occasion: in Bogota (Colombia), San Josè (Costa Rica) and Santiago (Chile). 20 dealers (88 persons) from 10 countries of Center & South America participated to the event. Many interesting arguments were treated, among which: - General overview of our product ranges and air ends - How to increase CTS business through promotion and sales of the Original Parts - Business Tools: Business Portal, Service Connect, product configurators: & iq2,… - New oil-injected screws (OIS) 7-15 kW C55*, OIS 26-37 kW C80, new OIS 30-45 kW - Review of the OIS 30-110 kW and OIS 132-250 kW IVR - Focus on Converters: IMPERIUM, DANFOSS Controllers (ES99+, I/O expansion module, Speci5, Modi5) - Connectivity through ICONS, GATEWAY (Modbus/ Profibus), EC6 - Refrigeration dryers range with the new F-gas regulation and PDP device The last training session ended in Santiago. An attendance Diploma was attributed to all.

center and south america technical training

Thanks to all participants for making these days both pleasant and interesting, with the convinction that they have been beneficial as well.