MAV 301-491 - Mauguière

MAV 301 - 491

Robust Performance for Medium-sized Operations

Precision Engineering:
Ensures consistent air delivery at 8 BAR.

Eco-friendly Design:
Emphasizing energy efficiency

Global Support:
Access to our of service centers’ network and genuine spare parts.

MAVD 301 - 491 - Robust Performance for Medium-sized Operations

The MAV 301 – 491 series is more than just a compressor; it's a solution tailored for modern industrial needs. Whether you're in manufacturing or construction, these compressors adapt to your demand, ensuring uninterrupted operations. And with Mauguière’s rich history, you're not just purchasing a product; you're investing in a legacy of excellence.

The robust fixed speed MAV 301 – 491 range is tailored for those who value reliability and efficiency. Marrying advanced technology with a history of excellence, the MAV series stands as a testament to our commitment to quality.

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, our MAV series ensures optimal air delivery, reduced energy consumption, and a longer product lifespan, all while upholding our legacy of reliability.

We've got you covered. With easily accessible components, maintenance is a breeze. And with our global support network, expect timely assistance and genuine spare parts whenever needed.

With our MAV series, savings aren't just a promise; they're guaranteed. Our focus on energy efficiency means lower operational costs, and with our robust design, expect reduced maintenance expenses.

The MAV 301 - 491 anticipate up to a 10% reduction in operational costs, allowing you to channel resources where they matter most.

Ideal for a range of industries including manufacturing, automotive, and construction, offering a consistent and reliable compressed air solution.

  • Technology: Advanced engineering ensuring optimal air delivery.
  • Sustainable Operations: Our MAV series is eco-friendly, minimizing environmental impact and aligning with global sustainability standards, safeguarding your business's future.
  • Efficiency: Designed to be cost-effective, translating to savings for you.

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MAV 401 - Mauguière

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Technical details MAV 401 MAV 501 MAV 601 MAV 751 MAV 951
Motor power 30 kW / 40 CH 37 kW / 50 CH 45 kW / 60 CH 55 kW / 75 CH 75 kW / 100 CH
Pressure 7,5 - 12,5 bar
FAD* 82 l/s 102 l/s 124 l/s 145 l/s 192 l/s
Noise* 70 dB(A) 71 dB(A) 72 dB(A) 75 dB(A)
Configuration on Base
Controller ES4000 Standard
Optional controller ES4000 Advanced

* Refers to 7,5 bar

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