Small & medium fixed speed air compressor efficiency factors

If you're looking into a small or medium fixed speed air compressor, you can benefit from top energy efficiency. Read how this is possible.

If you're looking into a small or medium fixed speed air compressor either as a standalone or additional machine, you can benefit from top energy efficiency. The fixed speed rotary screw CSM range from Ceccato offers the latest in control and monitoring technology.

Although variable speed drive (VSD) models are typically best for reducing energy costs, small/medium fixed speed machines can also offer increased efficiency. Especially, if you work in a single application small-medium size industry like auto repair or a craft or trade, a fixed speed compressor is suitable. The main benefit is their lower initial investment cost.

Running equipment with the ES4000 connect controller, available on the CSM range, allows you to track over 30 data points. This information allows for optimal operating conditions, saving on energy costs while complying with ISO 50001. Read on below to learn more about running the most optimal setup.

Fixed speed air compressor efficiency

Checking for air leaks

As a hidden threat to any air compressor's performance, air leaks are generally the most common cause of wasted energy. They cause an average of 20% lost air if not regularly checked. The good news is it's relatively easy to avoid such a cut into your overhead costs.

To put it into tangible costs, a leak of 3/8 inch operating at 100 psig can cause 32,500 EUR lost annual revenue. A simple way to see if there's leaking air is to apply soapy water to connection points and pipes. If bubbles form, you'll know air escaping.

Another method is to monitor pressure gauges. A dip of 10% or more likely means there's a loose connection somewhere in your compressor. With the ES4000 connect controller, this is handled digitally.

Not rectifying leaks puts unnecessary strain on your equipment, as the compressor will need to compensate for the lost air. This is where higher energy costs and increased wear and tear occur. Preventative maintenance is worth the time. All air machines, including small and medium compressor equipment, run such risks.

Since the ES4000 connect constantly monitors your equipment, you'll be notified as soon as problems arise. In addition, it comes with ICONS to connect to mobile devices via Wi-Fi for remote access. If you don't have an air compressor equipped with this technology, then routing maintenance and checks are highly recommended.

The good news is that rectifying air leaks is as simple as replacing filters, o-rings, seals, and worn pipes. This is in addition to tightening loose connections. You'll want to follow recommendations for each component for maximum performance.


Monitor ambient temperature

Maintaining a good operating environment for your air compressor is also beneficial for performance. To keep energy costs at a minimum, it's important to achieve the lowest possible ambient temperature where your machine operates. With each reduction of 5°C, you can achieve energy savings of 1.5%.

Reducing temperature is useful especially since air compressors tend to generate a lot of heat. Not only will you improve the lifespan of your equipment, but also create better conditions for operators. With this, circulating fresh air and running fans come in handy.

As an included feature, the ES4000 connect comes with temperature monitoring, to help you create the most optimal conditions. It might seem like only large machines generate lots of heat, but this also applies to small and medium fixed speed air compressor models.

Whether a small or medium fixed speed air compressor is right for you

With the general tips outlined in this article on maximizing performance, it's also worth evaluating what size and type machine is appropriate. An air compressor that's too large will waste energy. On the other hand, you could risk overworking equipment if it's too small.

You'll want to pay attention to the amount of force you need to complete a job in a specific time frame. This will help you determine the right pressure required for your application. While rated in horsepower to measure speed, you'll need to pay attention to cfm and psi.

Additionally, paying attention to the benefits of fixed speed vs VSD is important. If you work across multiple applications, then a VSD machine is likely the best choice.

If you're uncertain about the right solution for your needs, we're here to help. Our team can walk you through various models, sizes, and monitoring and control tools. No matter what Ceccato model you choose, you'll benefit from the latest technology.