Cyclonic Separator on filters Ceccato

Cyclonic condense separator and condense drainers

To eliminate water without wasting air

Compatible with several types of compressors,
they complete the compressed air system

Compact and very silent,
they do not occupy any extra space within the production building

Adapt to all situations,
even when electric energy is not available

Ideal to all applications that use compressed air, cyclonic condensate drainers complete the compressed air system. Their function is to drain the water contained in the ambient air as vapour, from the air, before it enters the piping system. Very silent, condensate separators do not occupy any additional space within the production building and they avoid damage to the machinery and to the final product.

The electric condensate drainer (LD) is known for its sustainability and energetic saving, avoiding possible production stops, damage and corrosion. Condensate drainers require few maintenance services and can be divided to:

  • Mechanic drainer G120: at floating system, useful in the case where there is no access to electric power or the risk of fires or explosions is pretty high.
  • Electromechanical drainer E220: known for its small size, high draining capability, timer regulating start-and-stop, a test button and working alarms.
  • Electric drainer LD: equipped with a mechanical tank, allows to a control drainage of condensate only, without wasting any compressed air. .

The cycling separator exploits the centrifugal force to separate the condensate from the compressed air while draining the condensate and removing the humidity. The innovative aluminium design of the cyclonic separator eliminates up to 99% of the liquid condensate in the compressed air.

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