CSA 7,5 - 20 HP Ceccato

CSA 7.5 – 20 HP

Fixed speed for artisans, car body shops and small-medium industries

Easy to use and maintain
thanks to the intuitive controller and the removable panel which get easy access to internal components

More air, fewer power costs:
more efficiency than piston compressor and a continuous usage without cooling moments

Easy installation,  
without needing any special flooring

Designed to supply all air requirements of artisans, workshops, car body shops and small-medium industries, this compact air compressor is suitable for small spaces. The limited level of noise makes it easy to install next to the point of usage.

CSA 7.5 – 20 HP compressors range is known for its high performance and low level of maintenance. The high-quality CSA 7.5 – 20 HP grants high productivity due to sudden brakes and damages being drastically reduced. 

The CSA 7.5 – 20 HP allows for easy and clever control thanks to the electric controller ES3000. This range is also available tank-mounted or with an integrated dryer. 

Technical details

CSA 7.5 HP




Motor power 5.5 kW / 7 HP 7.5 kW / 10 HP 11 kW / 15 HP 15 kW / 20 HP
Pressure 8 - 10 - 13 bar
FAD* 847 l/min 1,241 l/min 1,699 l/min 2,182 l/min
Noise 65 dB(A) 66 dB(A) 67 dB(A) 68 dB(A)
Configuration  on Base and Tank
Controller ES3000 and ES4000 Swipe
Optional controller  ICONS

*FAD refers to 7 bar

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