Variable speed
Variable speed screw compressors

Variable air demand

Variable speed screw compressors produce a variable airflow, keeping the pressure stable and regulating the motor speed to supply the production’s requirements. These variable speed machines can reduce the motor rotation according to the effective air required, saving power.

Power savings up to 35%
over fixed speed compressors, adapting the motor power to the air required.

Stable pressure for the entire installation,
with a lower risk for output losses

Lower power’s peaks,
at startup

Variable speed screw compressors come with a variety of customized options: different types of controllers, Econtrol6i system to optimize the room compressors, the ICONS connectivity system to control the compressors’ status anywhere and anytime, the energy recovery and highly efficient filters.

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Variable Speed Screw Compressors of Ceccato Aria Compressa

Variable speed compressors give the opportunity to take the advantage of the inverter technology at low power. Ceccato’s variable speed screw compressors up to 50 kW are the most popular units among all the ranges. These silent and compact solutions let you free up more space within your production facility. 

> CSM 3 - 9 HP IVR, the best workshop compressor
> DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR, reliability for small air demand
> DRB 20 - 35 HP IVR, compact and solid
> DRB 30 - 50 HP IVR, smart solution at high efficiency


DRC 60 HP IVR Ceccato Aria Compressa

Variable speed screw compressors are reliable due to their gear and direct transmission as well as low costs of maintenance, making them suitable for industrial applications. Costs optimisation is achieved with high efficiency and reliability due to a decrease in need to stop the air compressor to let it cool down, increasing the productivity of your air supply system.

> DRM 40 - 60 HP IVR, high efficiency at low pressure
> DRC 40 - 60 HP IVR, excellent performances at comfortable size
> DRE 100 - 150 HP IVR, efficiency for variable air demand


DRF 220 HP IVR Ceccato Aria Compressa

This family of Ceccato’s screw compressors combines variable speed benefits with the highest power. A wide range of production systems can now benefit from saving costs on power energy bills. With savings reaching up to 30%, compared to fixed speed compressors and 20% saving on total costs of ownership, this solution is ideal for industrial users. The advanced control systems give you the opportunity to monitor energy consumption live, prevent breakdowns and plan maintenance well in advance with the aim to maximise your productivity.

> DRF 150 - 220 HP IVR, variable airflow for heavy sized manufacturers
> DRF 270 - 340 HP IVR, green choice for very heavy production system


Ceccato's range offers highly reliable compressors, such as screw compressors with variable speedfixed speed, and permanent magnet motorpiston compressorsoil-free compressors and boosters.

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