DRC 40 - 60 IVR Ceccato

DRC 40 – 60 HP IVR

Excellent performance and comfortable size

Energy Savings,
reducing costs by up to 35% than fixed speed models

Quiet Performance,
allowing for flexible installation near work areas without causing disruptions.

Reliability in Harsh Conditions,
even in high-temperature environments up to 46°C

DRC 40 – 60 HP IVR

Designed for more professional usage, variable speed screw compressors with power from 40 to 60 HP, can save you up to 35% of electric power than the respective fixed speed models due to their inverter technology (IVR). Thanks to the gear drive mechanism and the protection to mechanical and electric parts, they can work in an efficient and reliable way even in harsh conditions.

This family of screw compressors is well known to operate quietly, to be compact in size, creating a safer work environment and freeing up to 10% more floor space for other machines to be installed.

Ceccato's DRC 40-60 HP IVR stands out with its Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, delivering substantial energy savings of up to 35%. Its direct and gear drive transmission minimizes power losses, ensuring reliable performance in diverse conditions.

Plus, the oversized after-cooler and oil cooler guarantee efficient cooling, while the low noise levels allow for flexible installation closer to your workspace.

Maintaining the DRC 40-60 HP IVR compressor is hassle-free, reflecting Ceccato's commitment to user convenience. With easy access to service components and a design that minimizes maintenance needs, this compressor ensures downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our global network of authorized service centers and distributors is readily available for any technical assistance or replacement parts, guaranteeing uninterrupted operation and long-term reliability. Trust in the comprehensive maintenance support Ceccato provides, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your productivity.

Unlock substantial savings with the DRC 40-60 HP IVR compressor. Thanks to its innovative Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, this compressor offers energy savings of up to 35%, significantly reducing your operational costs. The efficient cooling system, featuring oversized after-coolers and oil coolers, ensures optimal performance while minimizing energy consumption.

Count on the DRC 40-60 HP IVR to boost your bottom line through reduced energy bills and enhanced productivity, embodying Ceccato's commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions to its customers.

The DRC 40-60 HP IVR compressor excels in textile, paper, waste management, and heavy industry applications. Whether it's enhancing manufacturing processes, supporting paper production, managing waste, or powering heavy machinery, this compressor ensures reliable compressed air supply.

  • Variable Speed Drive Technology: Achieve remarkable energy savings of up to 35% with the DRC 40-60 HP IVR, enhancing your efficiency and reducing operating costs.
  • Reliable Operation: Even in extreme temperatures reaching up to 46°C, this compressor remains steadfast, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.
  • Integrated Direct/Gear Drive Transmission: Experience minimal power losses, thanks to the innovative transmission design, guaranteeing dependable and consistent performance.

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Ceccato DRC 40-60 HP IVR EN

Ceccato DRC 40-60 HP IVR EN
Ceccato DRC 40-60 HP IVR EN.pdf
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Technical details DRC 40 IVR DRC 50 IVR DRC 60 IVR
Motor power 30 kW / 40 HP 37 kW / 50 HP 45 kW / 60 HP
Pressure 4 - 13 bar 4 - 10 bar 4 - 10 bar
FAD* 270 - 1,258 l/min 265 - 1,860 l/min 258 - 2,286 l/min
Noise 67 dB(A) 70 dB(A) 72 dB(A)
Configuration on Base on Base on Base
Controller ES4000 Swipe and ICONS
Optional controller ES4000 Touch with integrated Econtrol6i 

*FAD refers to 7 bar


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