Everything you need to know about an air compressor system

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An air compressor system is a full installation of specific machines that provides compressed air to your production. Compressed air is widely applied in several applications, and every manufacturer has its own specific needs. The amount of compressed air may require more than one compressor.

A compressor air system is made up of several products: one or multiple air compressors of different technologies, dryers and filters to clean the air and a piping system to deliver the compressed air to all pneumatic tools and production machines. Also, a monitoring system is necessary to coordinate all air compressors and make them work correctly. A monitoring system is very helpful to gather data and apply to maintenance services at the right time.

Last but not least, the impact on your company, including electric power consumption and the firm’s image, should be considered. With the increased attention to ambient and economic sustainability, you may look for a partner that takes care of these themes concretely.

Installing a compressor air system is not a kids’ play. It touches on several aspects, and setting up your air compressor system according to your air needs requires the right knowledge. That’s why your supplier must be your right-hand air compressor partner.

Everything you need to know about air compressor system

Choosing the right air compressor supplier

Before setting up your compressed air system, you look for a supplier with specific features. First and foremost, you need someone who’s able to understand the compressed air requirements of your production. It has to consider also future increases in compressed air demand.

Your partner should offer reliable, efficient and long-lasting compressors. Ceccato Aria Compressa supplies your compressed air needs with a wide range of solutions, and it supports you in reaching your sustainability targets.

When you choose your partner for an air compressor installation, you want a supplier that provides you with solutions to everything you need. The quicker and closer to you, the most reliable it is. Ceccato Aria Compressa’s developed distributor network, which supports you in every moment, is the right solution for you.


Set up your compressor air system

Air compressors differ in power, size and F.A.D. (free air delivered). They have different types of technology and different noise levels. To build a compressed air system tailored to your production’s requirements, evaluating the types of compressors is the first step.

You need to understand which types of compressors are needed and how many of them. A comparison between the compressors’ technologies is highlighted in this section. Learn more about compression technology in this article. 


Complementary products for your compressed air installation

As mentioned before, a compressor air system requires not only a compressor but also several other products. What’s more, they must fit and be installed in a precise way, in order to supply to your specific needs.

This section highlights which aspects must be considered for every type of complementary product. It also clarifies how and why these products must be placed according to a specific sequence. Read more about all complementary products for your air compressor installation.


Make your compressed air system more efficient

Many manufacturers are looking for cost reductions and environmental sustainability. Our products contribute to making your manufacturing more optimised and greenerOur controllers can balance the workload across the machines. They can keep gathering data to schedule maintenance services, extending the machines’ life cycle.

Compression produces heat that, in general, is wasted. With our heat recovery system, you can use the heat from compression to warm up the surrounding rooms and water in your company. This is very helpful in reducing your heating bills, too. Learn more about how to make your compressed air system more efficient.

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From cost reduction to an increased sustainable footprint: an air compressor system provides you with several benefits. To tailor your air compressor system to your needs, an experts’ knowledge is mandatory. Ceccato's technicians stay up-to-date with the latest news in the air compressor industry. They are happy to provide support with their expertise.