What to know for a proper compressor room design

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Ceccato Aria Compressa’s AirGO is a fully equipped air compressor room. It contains more than one air compressor, dryers, filters, condense drainers, an air piping system and controllers. Air compressors room is a quick answer to a rise of compressed air demand. The main benefits you can gain from a compressor room are:

  • Relying on a quick and fully equipped solution;
  • Customisable solution tailored to your needs;
  • Quick and flexible installation;
  • High resistance to severe weather conditions;

When considering to install an air compressor room, talking with an expert is always a good idea. To be fully efficient, an air compressor room must supply to your air needs, all machines must be placed following a correct sequence and compressors’ working hours should be regulated correctly.


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What consider when planning a compressor room

When it comes to planning a compressor room, a preliminary analysis should be run directly with the expert. There are hence several aspects to consider, such as:

  • The compressor room location
  • The Compressor room foundation
  • The Compressor room dimensions
  • Ambient conditions within the compressor room

The compressor room location

One of the first aspects to consider for a proper compressor room installation is where to locate it. This choice is fundamental for your energy savings, working conditions and, in needed, air quality. Location must also be considered during the air compressor room design. The main aspects are:

  • Noise level: more compressors working at the same time can be noise. Possible disturbance must be taken into account to grant a comfortable working place. In some cases, more silent compressors can be a good deal.
  • Pressure drop: a proper air compressor room design reduces the pressure drop by minimising the amount of valves, fittings, and possible obstruction. Pressure drops can cause malfunctions, resulting in high costs and waste of power.
  • Surrounding space: to grant proper ventilation and facilitate regular maintenance service, there must be a good amount of free space around the compressor.
  • Air quality: when pure and clean air is mandatory for your business, the compressor room should be located away from steam, chemical vapour, combustible gases, engine exhaust and dust, or any other deviating concentrations from normal air.
  • Heat recovery system: when using a heat recovery system, an efficient air compressor room design places into a central location of your production building.

In general, In systems with a large distribution network, it is best to place the compressor in a central location to minimize the length of the piping between the compressor and the farthest workstation in the plant.

The compressor room sizes

The air compressor room design must consider all the proper space to move between compressors and complementary products. The access door should have sufficient free passage so that the compressors and/or receiver tank(s) can be brought in and out with the help of a forklift. For this reason, the doors’ height should be checked.

The compressor room height is determined by the height of the air receiver. Besides, the building should have access to lifting equipment dimensioned to handle the heaviest components in the compressor installation (usually the drive train) and/or the possibility of using a forklift truck.

Enough space above should also be provided to exhaust air from the cooling inlet. Besides, when it comes with your air compressor room design, also enough space for cables should be left.

Possible air requirements can increase in the future and they should be taken into consideration into your air compressor room design. Leaving some free space can be a good solution. In this way, you will have the opportunity to replace compressors with a lager machine.


The ambient conditions of a compressor room

The ambient within a compressor room regards mainly cleaning and temperature conditions. A clean ambient lower the chances of contaminating coolers and other equipment. Besides, it also allows for higher ambient temperatures.

Temperature plays a crucial role within an air compressor room. Several risks may occur if the temperature is either too high or too low.

High ambient temperature reduces the capacity of dryers. In these cases, a ventilation system can be helpful in reaching the desired pressure dew points. On the other hand, very low temperatures have an impact on compressor oil’s viscosity and other issues coming from a freezing ambient.

Applying to heating element can be a solution to warm the compressor room when all machines stop. Besides, a lot of hot cooling air is blown in the room when more air compressors are working together. Therefore, a proper ventilation system is crucial to keep the ambient temperature acceptable within a compressor room.