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Compressed air systems are more than just a compressor and few air pipes. They are made up of several different products. How these products are composed and set allows the compressed air systems to save money and energy. Efficiency is hence a crucial feature for well-functioning compressed air systems. 

To meet all air requirements of our clients, Ceccato Aria Compressa’s compressors and air treatment products differ in size, technology, and functionality. Our compressed air systems are a combination of them tailored to our client’s needs. They can include:

  • Screw air compressors, which are equipped with a permanent magnet motor (iPM), inverter technology (variable speed), or a normal engine (fixed speed).
  • Air dryers can be absorption or refrigerant, depending on the temperature.
  • Filters, to purify the air.
  • Air pipes, which transport the compressed air to the final machine.

This blog article delves into the different types of screw compressors and when each type should be applied for your compressed air requirement. 

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Choosing between large or several small compressors?

When evaluating and designing the structure of the compressed air system, you will probably have to choose between one large or several small compressors. To understand which air compressor set up meets your needs the best, you should consider the following aspects:

  • Costs that occur if your compressed air system stops.
  • A possible expected rise in compressed air consumption in the near future.
  • Consumptions in a compressed air take-up cycle.
  • Space available for the compressed air system.
  • Available power facilities.
  • Redundancy/backup requirements.

Compressed air systems made up of several small compressors are more efficient and ensure continuous airflowespecially with high compressed air requirements. A compressed air system with multiple compressors of different sizes can be sequence controlled. A sequence control system can hence make compressors run according to the air needs. Your compressed air system meets large variations and increases efficiency at the same time.

Even a large compressor can meet the highly different compressed air requirements, but it doesn’t reach the same efficiency level.

When one large compressor is preferred, it is worth supplementing it with a smaller compressor. It will produce small, compressed air quantities in short periods, such as weekends or night shifts. Besides, a large compressor requires a bigger starting current. This is an aspect to consider when evaluating one big compressor.

These choices influence your future production system’s consumption and electric power bills. Expert support is what you need and probably, what you’re looking for. Our experts are aware of all possible tricky issues that can come up. Getting in touch with our experts will make your compressed air system work efficiently and your life easier. 

Which type of screw compressors suits my production the best?

iPM variable speed compressors - For maximum efficiency

Variable speed compressors – variable air demand

Fixed speed compressors – stable air requirement

A part of variable speed equipped with an improved engine and inverter technology Inverter technology adapts the airflow to fluctuating compressed air requirements Constant airflow from switch-on to switch-off
+ 45% of savings more than fixed speed +35% of savings more than fixed speed Reliable and solid, some models decreased in size to occupy less space
Excellent performance also with high temperatures Flexibility in sizes and optionals Ideal for long working cycles, also in harsh conditions
Adapt to compressed air system aiming for efficiency and a energy optimisation Ideal for all machines with fluctuating air demand. They work for production systems at different choices. For systems that need a constant amount of airflow. Some models are suitable for both industrial systems and professionals.

Choose an iPM variable speed compressor for my compressed air system

iPM variable speed compressors allow you to save up to 45% of costs than the same fixed models. They are a special category of variable speed compressors. Their inverter technology is improved with a permanent motor engine: they are the most efficient and cost-saving choice for highly fluctuating airflow requirements.

You can also benefit from this choice in the long run: their initial costs will be paid off in less than two years.

In addition to high savings, iPM variable speed compressors grant great reliability, a longer working life cycle and higher ambient temperatures. This is mainly due to their innovative lubricated cooling system, which makes them work at optimised temperatures.

Highly efficient filters and energy recovery machines can be integrated with iPM air compressor installation. These compressed air systems are suitable for applications that require great performance and efficiency with variable compressed air demand.


A variable speed compressor for my compressed air installation

Variable speed compressors adapt their compressed air flow to your production system’s requirements, offering outstanding opportunities for energy savings. If these requirements vary during the day or the week, a compressed air system with variable speed compressors can be your efficient choice. All variable speed compressors, iPM included, are therefore equipped with inverter technology.

In an air compressor installation, variable speed compressors limit or avoid blow-off and unloaded losses that are common for fixed speed ones. They can thus achieve up to 35% more savings than their same fixed speed models.

Ceccato Aria Compressa offers wide ranges at different sizes to meet all space limits. They suit every kind of industry with fluctuating air demand.

A compressed air system with a variable speed compressor, combined with fixed speedhelps you to optimise consumption significantly and save money.


Choose a fixed speed compressor for my compressed air system

Fixed speed compressors work at constant power: they provide the same amount of compressed air from the moment they are switched on until they are switched offThis type of compressor is suitable when you need constant and continuous airflow.

As for variable speed machines, also fixed speed compressors come with a wide choice of sizes and power. They are solid and reliable since all components are produced internally. Most of the ranges were decreased in size to meet all space requirements. Being suitable for several production systems, these compressors can be used in both professional and industrial applications.

When setting up a compressed air system with both variable and fixed speed compressors, it is recommended to give priority to the variable speed machines. This, in combination with correctly sized equipment, will result in minimizing the unloading of the machines and will offer the best energy efficiency.

Oil-free compressors: when air quality matters

For some applications, the quality of the compressed air is crucial. It can affect the result of the final product. Even if a proper filtration system purifies the air, a few oil drops can still be present in the compressed air. For this reason, these applications must use non-lubricated air compressors, the so-called oil-free compressors. This type of air compressor does not need oil to work; thus, the risk of oil contamination is avoided from the start.

Sizes matter if you aim to reduce waste and power costs. Choosing the right oil-free compressor’s size can be worth it for your budget and your production system. Our experts are willing to support you in this choice.

Get in touch with our experts

Setting up the right compressed air systems is definitely something to discuss with the expert. Every project must be tailored to each client’s needs, bearing in mind several aspects. If you want your compressed air system to last longer and be efficient, Ceccato Aria Compressa’s experts are looking forward to using their knowledge to help you.