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Screw compressors

Discover our extensive range of screw compressors, from reliable fixed speed models to energy-efficient Variable Speed Drive (VSD) options. Whatever your requirements are, we have a solution for them. Contact us today for a personalised quote or to explore the suitable options for your operation. Let us help you find the perfect fit to enhance your productivity.

Reliability in screw compressors

Screw compressors are ideal for applications demanding high volumes of compressed air and continuous operation. Unlike other types, they eliminate the need for cooling pauses, ensuring uninterrupted air production. Silent, efficient, and dependable, our screw compressors can enhance your workspace with their quiet operation, uninterrupted performance, extended component lifespan, improved efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

Within our range of screw compressors, we offer a variety of electric motor options including fixed speed, variable speed, and high-efficiency models.

High efficiency in variable speed screw compressors

The premium technology, iPM, magnet permanent motor, diminishes energy consumption up to 45% more than fixed speed compressors. This innovative technology takes the energy savings to a new level, improving efficiency and performance. Our innovative iPM technology guarantees remarkable savings on energy bills and has a short return on investments. By combining direct transmission to the inverter motor, iPM variable speed screw compressors grant maximum saving, while improving your carbon footprint.

DRF 150 - 220 HP IVR PM Ceccato Image

DRF 150 – 220 HP IVR PM

Ceccato DRF 151-220 HP IVR PM Compressors: High-efficiency, reliable, and energy-saving solutions for industrial compressed air needs.
DRF 150 - 220 HP IVR PM Ceccato Image

DRF 220 – 341 HP IVR PM

Enhance efficiency with Ceccato DRF 220 - 341 HP PM compressors, delivering up to 35% energy savings. Your reliable source for superior compressed air.
DRF 270 HP IVR PM - Ceccato Asia

CSMV 60 – 180 HP PM

Ceccato CSMV 60-180 HP PM compressor: Unlock energy savings of up to 35% with our powerful and reliable compressed air solutions. Boost your productivity today!
CSMV 180 HP IVR PM - tile - Ceccato Asia

DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM

Adapted for industrial applications, the DRD 60 – 100 HP IVR PM creates the highest energy savings, reaching of up to 45% of saved power than fixed speed ones.
DRD 60 - 100 HP IVR PM Ceccato

CSMV 10 – 50 HP PM - ASIA

Ceccato’s CSMV 10 – 50 HP Variable Speed Compressors: energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-saving solutions for your compressed air needs.
CSMV 30 HP PM - Ceccato Asia - Tile

DRD 10 – 50 HP IVR PM

Ceccato's DRD 10-50 HP PM fixed-speed screw compressors: Energy-efficient, reliable, and cost-effective compressed air solutions. Boost your productivity today!
DRD 30 HP IVR PM - Ceccato ASIA

Variable speed screw compressor

Variable speed screw compressors allow you to save up to 35% of power energy, compared to fixed speed ones. While traditional compressors work at one speed (at 100%), variable speed screw compressors regulate the motor’s speed to adjust to the production’s fluctuating air requirements. They are ideal for applications and production systems whose usage of compressed air varies during the day, granting the right quantity of air needed and a saving the cost of electricity.

DRM 40 - 60 HP IVR Ceccato Image

DRF 151 – 220 HP IVR

With up to 35% of energy saving granted, the DRF 150-220 HP IVR ensures high efficiency, low noise, and reliable performance. Ideal for medium-big industries.
DRF 220 HP IVR Ceccato Image

DRF 270 – 420 HP IVR

Discover the pinnacle of reliability, efficiency, and energy savings with Ceccato's DRF 270-420 HP IVR, designed to redefine your compressed air solutions.
Ceccato - DRF 340 HP IVR

DRM 40 – 60 HP IVR

Reliable & efficient: DRM 40 – 60 HP IVR increases your saving up to 35% than fixed speed models. Boost productivity with compact design and smart connectivity.
DRM 40 - 60 HP IVR Ceccato Image

DRC 40 – 60 HP IVR

Elevate efficiency with Ceccato's DRC 40-60 HP IVR Compressor. Experience energy savings, reliability, and top performance with Variable Speed Drive technology.
DRC 40 - 60 IVR Ceccato

DRE 100 – 150 HP IVR

Experience efficiency with Ceccato's DRE 100-150 HP IVR Screw Compressors. Lower maintenance, energy efficiency, and reliability for your business.
DRE 100 IVR - Ceccato

CSM 3 - 10 HP

Maximize efficiency with Ceccato's Fixed Speed Screw Compressor CSM 3 - 10 HP. Proven reliability and energy efficiency at your service. Contact us today!
Ceccato - CSM 5.5 HP

DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR

Experience efficiency like never before with Ceccato's DRA 10 - 20 HP IVR. Designed for reliability and savings, these compressors redefine productivity.
Ceccato - DRA 10 HP IVR

DRB 20 - 34 HP IVR

Compact and with inverter technology, DRB 20 – 35 HP grants savings of up to 35% compared to fixed speed DRB. Available with plenty of options.
Ceccato - DRB 25 HP IVR

Fixed speed screw compressor

When a continuous and stable quantity of compressed air is needed, fixed speed is the type of compressor that will suit your requirements. Very easy to use, fixed speed screw compressors are highly reliable and efficient. Once switched on, the fixed speed screw compressor grants a continuous flow or compressed air at a stable level of pressure for a long period of time and throughout the entire day. 

DRC 50 HP Ceccato

DRB 20 - 35 HP

Explore Ceccato's DRB 20 – 35 HP compressors - the trusted choice for efficient, reliable compressed air solutions. Contact us today!
Ceccato - DRB 25 HP IVR

DRD 40 - 100 HP

Very reliable, fixed speed DRD 40 – 100 HP gives you high performance at the harshest conditions and optimises energy consumption with their controller.
DRD 75 - Ceccato - Asia

DRM 75 - 120 HP

Discover the DRM 75 - 120 HP screw compressors: Top-tier efficiency, easy maintenance, and intelligent monitoring for optimal performance.

DRE 100 - 180 HP

Explore Ceccato DRE 100 - 180 HP compressors for superior performance in industrial settings. Reliable, energy-efficient, with easy maintenance.
Ceccato - DRE 150 HP

DRF 151 - 341 HP

Fixed speed compressors DRF 151 – 341 HP offer constant airflow at high powerful machines. Suitable for large industries, they optimize power with energy recovery
DRF 150-220 HP Ceccato Image

DRF 221 - 480 HP

Ceccato DRF 221-480 HP compressors deliver reliable, oil-free air for critical applications, ensuring operational excellence and air purity.
Ceccato - DRF 340 HP

CSM 5.5 -50 HP and CSM 5.5 – 25 HP TMDD

Designed for efficiency & reliability CSM 5.5 -50 HP and CSM 5.5 – 25 HP TMDD are perfect for diverse industries. Invest in technology you can trust.
Ceccato Asia CSM 20 HP TMDD

CSM 3 - 10 HP

Maximize efficiency with Ceccato's Fixed Speed Screw Compressor CSM 3 - 10 HP. Proven reliability and energy efficiency at your service. Contact us today!
Ceccato - CSM 5.5 HP

CSA 7.5 – 20 HP

Elevate your workspace with Ceccato's CSA 7.5-20 HP compressors. Efficient, compact, and low maintenance. Adapt for professional works mainly. Explore now!
Ceccato - CSA 10 HP

CSM 7.5 – 20 HP

Boost productivity with Ceccato's CSM 7.5 – 20 HP Screw Compressor. Reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly air solutions for industry leaders. Contact us!
CSM 7.5-20 HP Ceccato Image

CSM 21 – 40 HP

Boost productivity with Ceccato CSM 21 - 40 HP Screw Compressors. High performance, energy savings, compact design. Contact us today!
CSM 25 HP - Ceccato - no background

CSM 60 - 180 HP

Unveiling Ceccato's CSM 60-180 HP - Reliable, efficient oil-injected screw compressors. Tailored for industrial excellence. Dive into technology you can trust.
CSM 120 HP - Ceccato Asia - Product Image

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Choosing a suitable compressor for your operation is fundamental. Therefore, we have developed a simple guide that explains all the advantages of using compressed air.

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