Condensate drains

Oil water serpaters and condensate drains

Discover our range of Condensate Drains, designed to efficiently remove water from compressed air systems. Ensure optimal performance and prevent damage with our reliable solutions.

Condensate management

The ambient air drawn into compressors contains not only oxygen but also various other substances, which become part of the condensate during the compression process. Additionally, depending on the compressor type, lubricating oil may also be present in the condensate. However, the accumulation of condensate and oil within the system can lead to significant damage. Therefore, it's crucial to treat and remove them properly to maintain the system's integrity and performance.

To address these concerns effectively, one solution is to separate the condensate from the outset. By implementing this approach, potential logistical challenges associated with oil removal can be mitigated. A comprehensive range of condensate treatment products is available, designed to complete the compressed air system. These solutions adhere to current legislation and environmental standards, ensuring both compliance and the protection of the surrounding environment.

With condensate treatment products, you can confidently manage condensate and oil removal, safeguarding your compressed air system's efficiency and longevity. Explore our range of options to combat this issue and ensure optimal performance. Whether it's separating condensate from the beginning or implementing effective treatment methods, our solutions are tailored to meet your specific needs while upholding regulatory requirements and environmental sustainability.

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Clean air,

draining oil and other substances in a safe way.

Compact solutions,

facilitating the removal of oil and other harmful substances.

Zero air wasting,

thanks to the innovative and clever draining system.


Separators and condense drainers are particular systems that can drain water from the air if applied to the entire compressed air system. You can choose mechanical, electromechanics and electronic ecological drainers.

Air condensate separator and drain

Ideal for all applications that use compressed air, cyclonic condense separators and drainers to separate water, as vapour, from the air.
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Separators and condensate drainers are particular systems that can drain water from the air if applied to the entire compressed air system. You can choose between mechanical, electromechanical and electronic ecological drainers.

Oil water separator FOD

Easy to install and to use, FOD guarantees energetic savings, without cleaning costs and storage, granting high productivity and efficiency
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