The power of the CSM TMDD range

Product Illustration
The CSM TMDD is a fixed speed belt driven air compressor.

The CSM TMDD is available from 5.5HP up to 25HP installed on an air receiver, air dryer, pre filter and after filter. IE3 and IP55 efficiency motor allows for continuous operation while reducing energy costs.

The benefits

  •  Save installation costs.
  • Reduce risk of air leakages.
  • Save on installation space thanks to the compact footprint.
  • Improve the air quality and reduce maintenance thanks to the coalescent filter.

The CSM doesn’t require a separate compressor room. That reduces logistical hassles such as piping, but also lowers your operational and your investment costs. How? The CSM does not have to push its air through an elaborate network of pipes. This means less pressure drops and a higher Free Air Delivery, which generates significant energy savings. But it often also frees up the possibility of choosing a lower pressure and power variant of the CSM, and thus to lower your investment cost significantly.