Why do you need to filter compressed air?

Compressed air is always contaminated


• Liquid oil - oil aerosols - oil vapor

• Dirt - microorganisms - pipescale

• Trace gases: carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxide

How are the contaminants formed?

Added by the compressor installation through oil-lubricated compressors (oil), adsorption dryers and activated carbon filters (dirt), piping network, and vessels (pipescale)

Trash in, trash out: oil vapors from car exhausts and industrial processes, atmospheric dirt, and microorganisms get sucked in by the compressor. As with water, their concentration – and thus importance – increases significantly after compression.


What problems can the contaminants cause?

• Damaged production equipment, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs

• Air pollution, creating unhealthy work environments

• Pollution of the condensate

The Ceccato solution

• Coalescing filters for oil aerosols/particles

• Oil vapor filters

• Dust filters

• Oil-water separators