Buy cheap and waste your money!

In almost all markets one finds a new tendency of copying existing products. This for instance is done in order to be competitive with a lower priced component, machine or spare part. It also gives competition the possibility to offer a similar product to the original product manufacturers’ one. However, though end users may beneficially purchase parts in order to keep maintenance costs as low as possible, often they do not realize that these parts do not service as well as original parts. Please remember here the saying ‘Buy cheap and waste your money!”.



Despite the wide offer of so many lubricants available, we offer genuine lubricants for screw and piston compressors. Perfect lubrication means higher performance, less costs and lowered change of a breakdown.

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Piston performance kits

Both for distributors doing maintenance to piston compressors of their end customers and for the end customers themselves we offer piston performance kits. These kits contain all Original Parts as used according to the maintenance schedule for a longer lifetime of your compressor and reduced maintenance costs that may occur in case of a break down.

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Screw compressor service kits

Screw compressor service kits are complete kits with all necessary spare parts as used for preventive maintenance of a dedicated range of screw compressors. They enable a longer lifetime and reduced energy costs.

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Line filter elements

Our range of line filters assure high-output filtration and perfect clean air. As with all kind of filters elements get saturated in the course of time. In order to keep assuring the clean air output they should deliver, elements should be exchanged on a regular basis as mentioned in the maintenance schedules and ought to be replaced by original parts!

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Condensate treatment kits

The filters in the FOD condensate treatment saturate in the course of time. Mostly in summer time the saturation time is shorter than in winter time when there is less moisture in the air. We offer three types of service kits for easy maintenance of your oil-water separator, depending on the service interval.

Adsorption dryer kits

In case in your compressed air installation there is an adsorption dryer, keep in mind that the filters and desiccant inside should be exchanged regularly in order to keep the correct degree of adsorption and filtration. We offer complete and most efficient maintenance kits for each type of adsorption dryers.

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10 years' part supply...

In case one really wants to have the best compressor lifetime at the highest capacity, two things are essential: regular preventive maintenance and the use of original parts. Exchanging original parts means that you replace the consumed part in the end product by exactly the same part as if it was the assembly of a new product. This new compressor, filter or something similar left the factory being tested and meeting all directives and requirements. Original parts were designed for the equipment, so they are a 100% fit. With original parts and service machines work better, longer and more reliably, with a minimized risk or breakdowns. All equipment manufacturers are obliged to supply belonging spare parts for at least 10 years upon the last day of production of the range. Warranties during the warranty period are merely acknowledged in case has been stick to the maintenance plan and the use of original parts.