Our History

Ceccato developed equipments for pneumatics.

Ceccato air compressors are used in several applications, such as automotive and heavy industry.

The young Pietro Ceccato founded Ceccato Aria Compressa in the village of Alte (VI) in 1936. It’s first name was “F.l.P.A.” (Fabbrica italiana pistole e aerografi - Italian firm for air guns and airbrushes), then changed into “M.A.P.A.” (Macchine e attrezzature per autofficina - Machines and equipment for car shops).


Pietro Ceccato

Pietro Ceccato

Our founder Pietro Ceccato was born in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy. His father, Alessandro Ceccato, was a pharmacist and encourage his child to pursue the same career. Despite its pharmacy degree, Pietro Ceccato had always been more interested in engineering.


Ceccato air compressors' motorbike

Ceccato, with the pilot Ghisa, won 6 world records with a 75 Hp motorbike in 1954.

Pietro Ceccato founds F.I.P.A. (Fabbrica italiana pistole e aerografi - Italian firm for air guns and airbrushes), then changed into “M.A.P.A.” (Macchine e attrezzature per autofficina - Machines and equipment for car shops). The main products were motorbikes, air compressors, car lifts and other equipment for car shops.


Production building of Ceccato Aria Compressa

Ceccato keep innovating in technical design and engineering.

Aiming to foster his employees’ technical knowledge and learning as a firm’s value, Pietro Ceccato inaugurates an evening school of technical drawing. Technicians and supervisors offer their knowledge for free, becoming the teachers of future technical designers, woodworkers, lathe turners and mechanical maintenance technicians. The firm became a pioneer in sharing knowledge.


Old firm of Ceccato Aria Compressa

The first firm of Ceccato Aria Compressa in Montecchio Maggiore (VI), Italy

Pietro Ceccato follows this project founding the so-called “working village”. The rural area around the company increased in streets, houses, squares, shops, cinemas, and a train station. The company and the local area were so intertwined that the village was named “Alte - Ceccato”.


Ceccato air compressor with wheels

Ceccato started to produce piston compressor, innovating them with wheels in the next years.

Pietro Ceccato dies at the age of 50.
By increasing the economy of cars, Ceccato diminishes motorbikes’ production, aiming and developing the one on piston compressors.


Ceccato starts to design, produce, and sell automatic carwash equipment, busses, industrial transportation, and trains. 


The production lines expand to silent compressors and air dryers.


Air compressors division of Ceccato’s company is acquired by Atlas Copco.


DRF 150-220 HP IVR PM Ceccato

Ceccato applies to piston, screw and permanent motor compressors and oil-free machines.

Thanks to employees’ commitment and dedication and to the strong deep partnership with clients and suppliers, Ceccato designs highly reliable, flexible, silent, and easy-to-use products, which allows the clients to cut operational costs. Ceccato defines the business standards.


ICONS Ceccato

ICONS system monitors your air compressor constantly.

Continuous investments on innovation leads to more technological premium products, such as permanent motors screw compressors, remote control and monitoring, and compressors’ room optimisation systems.