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Fonocompact PRO

Silence for professional applications

A quieter workspace
With silent production controller

Durability and performance
Highly reliable components

Suitable for indoor environments
With low residual noise level

Fonocompact PRO

Fonocompact Pro are silent piston compressors suitable for professional use with a large compressed air demand, thanks to the central silent production controller of compressed air. Easy to carry around and to install, some Fonocompact PRO versions have been particularly designed for close working environments, where minimising noise levels is paramount.

All inputs and controls of the air compressor are grouped in a one panel that is easy to use and read. An S2 cooling valve controls ambient temperature management in harsh or cold weather conditions.

This piston compressor comes in a variety of configurations including base only, with 27 litres internal tanks or with external tanks and dryer to suit your requirements.

When you choose the Fonocompact Pro, you're not just buying a product, but a promise. A promise of compact design that's easy to install, a product designed and assembled in-house for optimal reliability, and the assurance of efficiency even in the most challenging conditions thanks to its cooling valve.

With Ceccato, you're never alone. Our global network ensures prompt assistance, genuine spare parts, and comprehensive support services, ensuring your Fonocompact Pro runs smoothly.

The Fonocompact Pro is designed to be your silent ally, ensuring that while it runs quietly, it also runs efficiently, saving you money in the long run. Choosing Fonocompact Pro is not only a choice for silence but also for savings.

Its efficient design ensures less wear and tear, leading to reduced maintenance costs.

The Fonocompact Pro is a versatile compressor, ideal for professionals requiring precision. Whether it's air water spraying, hammering, intricate screwing, gravity painting, wrenching, rotorbital sanding, or even sandblasting, this compressor is designed to cater to a multitude of tasks.

Its silent operation further makes it perfect for indoor applications, ensuring a noise-free work environment.

  • Silent production controller ensures a quieter workspace.
  • Highly reliable components promise durability and performance.
  • Low residual noise level makes it suitable for indoor environments.

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Technical details Fonocompact on 27 liter tank Fonocompact on base Fonocompact on tank Fonocompact Pro with dryer
Motor power 1.5 kW - 2 HP 3 - 7.5 kW / 4 - 10 HP 2.2 - 7.5 kW / 3 - 10 HP  
Pressure 10 bar 11 bar 10 - 11 bar 11 bar
FAD* 255 - 320 l/min 553 - 1.020 l/min 393 - 1.020 l/min 660 - 1.020 l/min
Size (LxWxH) 797x457x845 smallest 750x580x710
biggest 1000x741x995
smallest 1002x1227x580
biggest 1943x741x1593
Weight 86 - 87 Kg 153 - 254 Kg 220 - 411 Kg 265 - 513 Kg
Noiser 61 - 62 db(A) 66 - 69 db(A) 65 - 69 db(A) 65 - 68 db(A)

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