EngineAIR Ceccato Product

EngineAir and BIengineAir

For usage without energy or power plugs

Remote Operations
Tailored for applications where power sources are scarce

Fuel Efficiency
Designed for optimal performance with low fuel consumption

Supersilenced Design
Powerful performance without the noise disruption

EngineAir and BIengineAir

The EngineAir and BiEngineAir range is a groundbreaking combination of petrol and diesel engine-driven piston compressors tailored for remote applications. These units underscore our commitment to innovation, offering unparalleled adaptability where traditional power sources are inaccessible.

Designed to offer a wide compressed air flow rate at lower fuel consumption, this compressor range can be used for longer periods and it is very easy to carry around on harsh soils since they are equipped with wheels and an ergonomic handle. They can power more tools at the same time providing a constant airflow and they have a screw to regulate instruments’ lubrification and pressure. The range BI EngineAIR also comes with a two-in-one solution that provides air and electricity.

EngineAir and BiEngineAir stand at the forefront of compressor technology. With the flexibility to operate in remote areas and a design that emphasizes fuel efficiency and reduced noise, they are a testament to Ceccato's commitment to technological innovation.

Both EngineAIR and BI EngineAIR are easy to maintain due to simple access to all components.

Choosing EngineAir and BiEngineAir is a decision that pays off. With their ability to function in remote locations and their fuel-efficient design, businesses can benefit from operational savings and efficienty.

The EngineAir and BiEngineAir compressors aren't just about delivering power; they're about delivering value. With a focus on low fuel consumption, businesses can anticipate reduced operational costs, ensuring a quicker return on investment.

Ideal for remote tasks and crafted for versatility, EngineAir and BiEngineAir are the top choice for small building contractors navigating challenging terrains. Large construction companies benefit from its multitasking prowess, while harvesting businesses and farmers value its on-the-go adaptability.

Experience the freedom to operate beyond conventional boundaries with these robust compressors.

  • Remote Mastery: Versatile engine compressors designed specifically for remote applications.
  • Silence in Strength: Our supersilenced version ensures powerful operations without the noise.
  • Economical Excellence: Experience reduced operational costs with our low fuel consumption design

Have a look at the range leaflet for more information


Ceccato Engineair leaflet EN

Ceccato EngineAir EN
Ceccato Engineair leaflet EN.pdf
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Technical details EngineAIR BiEngineAIR
Motor power 4.8 - 11.7 HP 10.1 - 17 HP
Pressure 10 - 14 bar 12 - 14 bar
FAD* 275 - 972 l/min 468 - 765 l/min
Weight 28 Kg - 195 Kg 253 Kg - 378 Kg
Configuration 2.5 L - 270 L 90 L - 270 L
Mobility Equipped with wheels and Fixed versions Equipped with wheels and Fixed versions
Optional controller ES4000 Touch with integrated Econtrol6i 

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