Condensate drainers

Clean and green solutions

Clean air,
draining oil and other substances in a safe way

Compact solutions,
facilitating the removal of oil and other harmful substances

Zero air wasting,
thanks to the innovative and clever draining system

The ambient air, which surrounds the compressor, not only contains oxygen but also other substances which form part of the condensate in the air compression process. The condensate can also be made up of the lubricant used by the compressor, depending on the type of the compressor itself. However, the condensate and the oil in it can damage the entire system, so it must be treated and removed in the correct way. Ceccato created a solution to help you avoid logistic issues related to the oil removal process by separating the condensate at the beginning of the process.

Ceccato offers a range of products to treat condensate, which completes the compressed air system, helping you to reach compliance with your local environmental legislation regarding waste management and pollution.


LD Ceccato

Separators and condensate drainers are particular systems that can drain water from the air if applied to the entire compressed air system. You can choose between mechanical, electromechanical and electronic ecological drainers.

> Cyclonic condense separators and condense drainers, to eliminate water without wasting air


FOD oil-water separator

Compact and easy to use, oil-water separators acts on the compressed air system which uses lubrificated compressors. They are a simple, economic and sustainable choice.

> Oil-water separators FOD, eliminate the oil in a correct way


Ceccato's range offers highly reliable compressors, which count screw compressors with variable speed, fixed speed, and permanent magnet motor, piston compressors, oil-free compressors and boosters.

You can also enhance your compressed air system with our air treatment products and solutions.



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