The right air compressor supplier

To properly install and configure the air compressor installation, an air compressor supplier needs to fully understand your compressed air needs. It must offer the most reliableefficient, and long-lasting compressor. Ceccato Aria Compressa provides several solutions for your compressed air requirements as well as your efficiency and sustainable targets.

What to know for a proper air compressor installation

Purchasing a machine after a rough evaluation may cause a cost increase and performance drops. To build the right air compressor installation, a prior analysis of your production system is mandatory. Several factors can affect your installation’s performance, and most of them are usually underestimated. The main ones, that are also considered by our experts, are:

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Ambient conditions

Ambient conditions affect the efficiency and performance of your air compressor installation. They can influence its capacity, maximum working pressure, cooling requirements and power consumption:

  • Polluted air brings particles and dust that contaminate the compressed air. In the long term, polluted ambient air can damage your compressor’s components and the piping system. After evaluating the ambient air, our experts will apply to the proper filtration system. 
  • Temperature impacts on the air compressor installation: each 10°C above normal decreases the air flow by 3%. On the other hand, the minimum expected temperature requires the building to be heated. Our experts will take the temperature into consideration to understand if you need ventilation or a heating system.
  • Geographic location can impact your machine’s lifetime. Your air compressor supplier must consider it to avoid possible breakdowns and corrosion.
  • The height above the sea level determines local pressure and temperature. It affects the size your compressed air installation, due to the intake pressure variation.

Being aware of these factors is necessary to avoid sudden breakdowns, extra maintenance services and more frequent components repairs.

Working Pressure

The correct working pressure makes your air compressor installation run efficiently. When designing it, you must consider the working pressure of all equipment involved. In this way, your production machines receive compressed air at the needed pressure. In addition, our experts can evaluate the most efficient air piping solution to avoid leaks and air drops. 

Air consumption and FAD calculation

The FAD, Free Air Delivery, is the airflow delivered to your production machines. It can be considered as the air consumption. Also, the required compressed air may vary during the week or the day. After calculating the correct FAD, our experts can provide you with the most suitable air compressor installment. They can also decide if more machines need to be installed.

Compressed air quality

Each application has its own quality targets, and, in some cases, compressed air can affect the final product’s quality. To meet the required quality, your compressed air installation must be designed with the proper air treatment system. Some applications need oil-free compressors that supply air according to the purity class ISO 8573-1. 

Ceccato Aria Compressa provides all you need

"Technology you can trust" is more than just a claim. It is a promise from Ceccato Aria Compressa to its customers and we act accordingly. When it comes to air compressor installations, Ceccato provides its own values as it follows:

  • Reliability: in addition to one or more compressors, a complete compressed air installation requires products to treat and purify the compressed air. Ceccato keeps improving its products, extending their lifecycle, and increasing their reliability. All machines come with a monitoring system, to control their status (also remotely) and avoid unwanted breakdowns.
  • Simplicity: when installing a complete compressed air system, you don’t want to come across difficult information and manuals to understand. Our experts will support you with the installation of all machines and you can focus on your daily activities.
  • Serviceability: maintenance is very easy to apply for most of Ceccato’s machines. Some machines are equipped with a removal panel so that the maintenance services can be executed by one technician only. Our control system will notify you and our technicians about the scheduled maintenance in advance. Our air compressor instalment allows you to save more money and time.
  • Availability: a complete air compressor installation may need more, and different original parts. You may also want to work with the closest air compressor suppliers. Your compressed air installation may lose air if it is made up of pipes. You need someone to help you detect and repair the pipes. Ceccato's technical assistant centres are located around the world. They are always ready to support you with your after-sales plan. This includes original parts supply and leak repair.
  • Partnership: a complete compressed air installation can be made up of more than one machine. You may need to look for an air compressor supplier offering a broad range of compressor and complementary equipment. To install the right compressed air system, you need the right know-how. This includes designing the installation with the correct pressure and air quality. Ceccato partners have the knowledge to provide you with the compressed air installation tailored to your production system’s needs.
  • Green Footprint: if you are looking for a partner offering a highly sustainable compressed air installation, you are in the right place. Our machines keep being improved in efficiency, offering increased performance at lower power costs. Our controllers provide you with costs and efficiency reports, and we offer a system to reuse the heat coming from compression. You won’t miss the opportunity to make your compressed air installation more environmentally sustainable. 

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Choosing the right compressed air suppliers ensures you save money and can work freely without worrying about your compressors. Ceccato experts are highly skilled. They can analyze and plan your compressed air installation in order to meet your air requirements, as well as any savings and efficiency targets.