Air compressor monitoring tools for a smart factory

Learn more about how compressor monitoring tools make it easy for you to run a smart factory.

Advanced data and analytic devices make it easy to perform multi-compressor monitoring. While our equipment offers onboard controls, it's recommended to invest in enhanced solutions for workload balance and maximum energy efficiency.

In covering the ES4000T controller, ECOntrol6i multiple compressor control, and ICONS remote monitoring technology, we hope this guide helps you choose the best solution. The remote access and information these tools provide help reduce downtime and prevent overworking machines.

Not only does compressor monitoring lead to the increased lifespan of your machines, but it also contributes to lower energy costs.

This article highlights the following solutions:

  • ES4000T
  • Connect multiple units with ECOntrol6i
  • ICONS smart factory remote monitoring technology
  • Investing in the latest innovations
  • Regular certified maintenance and OEM parts
  • Lower energy use and carbon emissions
  • Installing a smart factory system for air compressor monitoring 

ES4000T advanced control

Available for our rotary screw compressors, the ES4000T provides advanced control. With a large digital display, multilingual support, data analysis, and an online visualizer, the ES4000T helps your equipment run smoothly.


Also, directly built into the air compressor unit, it wirelessly uploads information to multi-compressor monitoring systems like ICONS.

Fixed speed air compressor efficiency

Connect multiple units with ECOntrol6i

If you're seeking seamless connectivity across multiple air compressor units, you can apply to the ECOntrol6i digital touch display. This single device helps prevent overheating and air loss. It will also equalise your production across all machines.

With ECOntrol6i, you can reduce operational costs by maintaining consistent air pressure and balancing the workload among local units.

ICONS smart factory remote monitoring technology

While the ES4000T and ECOntrol6i are (optionally) built into our rotary screw air compressor units, ICONS is a complementary remote monitoring system. In addition to processing data from your units, it sends email alerts when your equipment needs attention.

The information ICONS collects helps you properly manage and analyse your smart factory operations. Designed to support performing accurate, regularly scheduled maintenance, ICONS is useful for avoiding unnecessary downtime.

Investing in the latest innovations

Whether purchasing new equipment or upgrading existing machines, our versatile solutions are designed for nearly any air compressor. Our approach makes it easy to add monitoring tools to your set-up.

In most cases, you can add controllers to your machines, including the ECOntrol6i. We've made it as easy as possible to maximize the lifespan of our equipment without replacing the whole unit.

However, if you've had your air compressors for a considerable amount of time, evaluating the inner components might be worthy. For example, our newest rotary screw units offer increased reliability, even in ambient conditions above 46°C. In addition, they offer an IP54-enclosed drivetrain built to withstand dust and humidity.

Our latest next-generation screw compressors improve air quality with pre-filtration mats and a high-efficiency air filter. This high level of purification keeps foreign particles outside your machine, minimizing wear.

Whichever options you choose for upgrading your smart factory, starting with monitoring tools is always a good idea. They'll help you decide if you're running at peak efficiency and what makes the most sense.

Routine certified maintenance and OEM parts

One of the main advantages of our monitoring tools is how they help with routine maintenance. If your equipment needs servicing, we recommend hiring certified technicians and using OEM parts.

Although third-party servicers and aftermarket parts may be cheaper upfront, the long-term cost could be detrimental. As air leaks are a major cause of reduced efficiency, you'll want a perfect fit every time.

Lower energy use and carbon emissions

In a related article, we cover ways to cut energy expenses and carbon emissions. As part of this topic, it's recommended to invest in smart factory monitoring technology.

As mentioned above, these digital tools are useful for smooth operations with minimal waste. Since our team is always innovating, we're constantly working towards future standards.

Installing a smart factory system for air compressor monitoring

As pointed out, our latest rotary screw air compressors offer onboard monitoring tools for easy smart factory connectivity. If you're uncertain about what makes the most sense for your set-up, our team is here to help.

With a custom approach, we know each set-up has specific needs. Contact us today to understand how you can bring your factory into the digital age.

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