Underestimating costs of lack of maintenance service

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The lack of maintenance can cause several issues both to your air compressor machine and instalments. When considering your machine only, internal components may suffer from infrequent or even zero maintenance services. Besides, other machines of the compressed air installation may be affected by missing maintenance services. In this article, you will learn more about possible issues that may occur to your compressor and how maintenance services can prevent them.

In this article, you will learn about:

  • Optimizing compressor efficiency with regular maintenance
  • Effects of missing maintenance services on internal components
  • All our services to run your compressors smoothly
maintenance service on air compressors - Ceccato

Optimizing compressor efficiency with regular maintenance

Maintenance services support in checking the air compressor performance. Compressed air requirements may change during time, causing the compressor to produce more compressed air when needed. This negligence increases power costs and compressed air wastes.

Regular inspection is the key to be sure about the compressor consumption. It avoids compressed air wasting and rises in energy consumptions. It will let you have your compressors’ status and your production system’s compressed air needs under control.

To ensure the right energy consumption, specific controllers can be installed. Ceccato’s ICONS is ideal for a single compressor while EControl6 systems are designed to control more compressors at the same time. Among all functions, controllers provide you with reports on consumptions as well as notifies anomalies. 

Effects of missing maintenance services on internal components

Each of any air compressor’s component has a specific function to make the machine work properly. Their status can also affect the compressor’s one as well as the air quality. Inspecting each air compressor’s component regularly can provide several benefits. The main ones are:

  • Extend machines’ life-cycle;
  • Lower risks of production system interruption;
  • Minimizing the risk of cost escalation.

Extend machines’ lifecycle

Internal components may corrode, get rusty, or even break. This can make other components performing less or overloaded. The compressor may work overheated, causing other components to be damaged or broken.

The more the compressor works in damaged condition, the less it will last. This will cause a premature need of changing the entire machine. Applying to maintenance service is mandatory to avoid changing the entire compressor machine too early.

Lower risks of production system interruption

When maintenance services are not applied correctly, or are not applied at all, the risk of sudden breakdowns is extremely high. During maintenance services, technicians can see immediately if an internal component is damaged or ruin, and must be changed. When maintenance services are not applied or are taken unfrequently, you can know if a possible component is damaged.

As ruined components keep working, they will break at one point, interrupting the compressor’s work suddenly. Running out of compressed air may cause a sudden stop to your production.

Despite the urgency of a specific spare parts, you may wait even a couple of days to receive it and make the compressor working again. Besides, sudden stops of a machine can damage it.

Regular maintenance ensures that your compressed air system functions correctly, allowing your production system to operate smoothly and avoiding unexpected costs.

Minimizing the risk of cost escalation

Internal components affect the whole compressor’s performance. Regardless of which component is ruined, your machine can produce less compressed air with more energy. If possible valves don’t work properly, your machine can inlet less ambient air, lower the compressed air’s pressure or wasting compressed air.

These malfunctions will require additional work to your compressor, fastening the ruining process of internal components and increasing possible breakdowns. Besides, they will inevitably rise your energy consumption and the costs on your power bill.

All our services to run your compressors smoothly

Good habits make your compressor work properly, avoiding unwanted surprises on your power bill. The best choice is to apply to the scheduled maintenance at the right time. Different compressors and technologies may require different actions taken at various moments of the year. 

Ceccato Aria Compressa’s compressors are equipped with controllers. They allow to monitor the compressor’s status at any time and place, and they send reports on how to improve energy consumption. 

Rely to the expert

Technicians are kept training on each type of compressors: they are able to recognise possible damages or technical malfunctions before they turn into a concrete and costly issue. They can support you with a proper maintenance plan and take concrete action before your unique solution is changing the compressor.