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Compressor’s technology, power and dryers’ dew point: you can compare and choose the product that suits your need the best. Apply to the filters and have a look to Ceccato’s offer in your market.

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ADS adsorption dryers

Adapt to huge air requirements, which are also sensitive to vapor, such as electronic, food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, ADS grants high savings.

ADS Adsorption dryers Ceccato
AIRnet piping system

AIRnet is an easy and efficient piping system that takes compressed air to the entire productive plan and its innovative design minimises possible air losses.

AIRnet piping system Ceccato Image
CSMV 10 - 50 HP

Thanks to the permanent motor engine, CSMV 10 – 50 HP grants efficiency and costs cutting at the same time. Reliable, maintenance services are easy to apply.

CSMV 30 HP PM - Ceccato Asia - Tile
CSMV 60 - 180 HP IVR PM

Highly reliable and designed to last longer, CSMV 60 – 180 HP PM are the solutions to save up to 35% of your energy bill, adapting the air flow to your needs.

CSMV 180 HP IVR PM - tile - Ceccato Asia
DRF 220 - 340 HP IVR PM

Screw compressors DRF 220 – 340 HP IVR PM combines high performance and efficiency with their green footprint: they allow to save up to 30% on your energy bill.

DRF 270 HP IVR PM - Ceccato Asia
DRD 10 – 50 HP IVR PM

The highly reliable DRD 10 – 50 HP IVR PM guarantees many advantages to small and medium air requirements, granting up to 35% of savings on your energy bills.

DRD 30 HP IVR PM - Ceccato ASIA
Air Treatment

Complete your compressed air system. Piping system, dryers, moisture management, air receiver, filters: all you need besides your compressors.

Air Treatment Ceccato Image
Air compressors controllers

More control systems for your compressors. Ceccato offers several solutions to optimise and manage your compressors and your compressed air production system.

Air controllers Ceccato Image


Highly efficient compressors are equipped with the newest technology, allowing you to increase your savings. Switching from an old air compressor to a new and more technological one provides several benefits, including higher performance, less electric power costs and a lower amount on your electric bills.

By choosing the size of your compressor, the yearly running hours and your current energy costs, you can find out how much money you can save with a new iPM compressor