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Compressor’s technology, power and dryers’ dew point: you can compare and choose the product that suits your need the best. Apply to the filters and have a look to Ceccato’s offer in your market.

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ADS adsorption dryers

Adapt to huge air requirements, which are also sensitive to vapor, such as electronic, food and beverage and pharmaceutical sectors, ADS grants high savings.

ADS Adsorption dryers Ceccato
AIRnet piping system

AIRnet is an easy and efficient piping system that takes compressed air to the entire productive plan and its innovative design minimises possible air losses.

AIRnet piping system Ceccato Image
Air Treatment

Complete your compressed air system. Piping system, dryers, moisture management, air receiver, filters: all you need besides your compressors.

Air Treatment Ceccato Image
Air compressors controllers

More control systems for your compressors. Ceccato offers several solutions to optimise and manage your compressors and your compressed air production system.

Air controllers Ceccato Image
Air receiver

Adapted to all applications, vertical air receiver for compressed air reduces energy and heat waste and helps you to free up more space in your production place.

Vertical receiver Ceccato banner

The free app AirCare allows you to control your CSM Ceccato compressors remotely, directly from your smartphone and tablet, to increase your machine efficiency.

AirCare app Ceccato image right
Beltair Pro

Available in different versions for all needs, Beltair Pro piston compressors are a solid and efficient choice for professionals.

Belt Air Pro Ceccato Image

Ideal for hobbies and household chores, Blueline is the smallest piston compressor of the entire Ceccato offer. They are extremely practical and manageable.

Blueline Ceccato
Blueline MZ

Adapted for both domestic and semi-professional use, Blueline MZ piston compressors are the plug-and-play solution and very easy to maintain.

Blueline MZ Ceccato Image
Blueline Pro

Suitable for considerable air demand, piston compressors Blueline Pro grants high quality and efficiency for all types of professional applications.

Blueline Pro Ceccato Image
CSA 7.5 - 20 HP

For artisans, workshops, car body shops and small-medium industry, the fixed speed air compressors CSA 7,5 – 20 HP are characterized for high performance.

Ceccato CSA 7,5 - 20 HP Tile
CSA 5.5 - 20 HP

For artisans, workshops, car body shops and small-medium industry, the fixed speed air compressors CSA 5,5 – 20 HP are characterized for high performance.

CSD 75 - 100 HP

Adapt for industrial installation, the CSD 75 – 100 HP at fixed speed compressors offer high performance and reliability in every condition.

CSD 75-100 HP Ceccato
CSM 20 - 40 HP

CSM 21 – 40 HP are highly performing, fixed speed screw compressors ideal for small installations. Robust, CSM 21 – 40 HP can be installed at the point of use.

CSM 21 - 40 HP Ceccato
CSM 3 - 10 HP

Suitable for professionals and workshops, the fixed speed compressors CSM 3 – 10 HP can be installed next to the point of usage, and they are easy to maintain.

CSM 3 - 10 HP Ceccato
CSM 7.5 - 20 HP

Ideal for tire dealers, carboy shops, car repair shops and small-medium businesses in general, CSM 7.5 – 20 HP compressors are silent and reliable.

CSM 15 HP Ceccato

Silent and compact, CleanAIR oil-free piston compressors are ideal for professional applications, that need air without oil contamination

CleanAir Ceccato Image
Compressed air dryers

Dryers guarantee dried and clean air, without compromising internal production systems as well as causing unexpected stops or products contaminations.

Compressed Air Dryers Ceccato Banner
Compressed air line filters

With the aim to grant compressed air without any polluted substance in the ambient air, Ceccato’s line filters protect your compressed air and production system.

Filters Ceccato
Condensate drainers

Compact, easy to use and to install, condense drainers eliminates polluted substances within the ambient air following legislation and respecting the environment.

Condense Management Banner Ceccato